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Happy Monday! WE’RE BACK BABY! Yes, I’m sure everyone was SO upset and disappointd that there was no Friday blog post. I’ll be honest with you – my mom was in town, and I didn’t work out ONCE last week, so the post I had planned to put up was just not going to happen. But, it’ll be up this coming Friday, so don’t look too sad!

Because I am a TRUE beauty guru, and August is LITERALLY right around the corner (who let that happen BTW), today we’re going to talk about my favorties for this past month, while I also try and convince you to spend your money on things that I love so obviously you should too! Are you ready?! GOOD, now read on!



No, we’re not talking about Barney and Ted’s bar from How I Met Your Mother (shouts to you if you understand that reference), we’re talking about the real deal. Last month I was on a crazy reading kick, but this month we’re taking a break and moving on to puzzles. Things have been coming out on Netflix, so I love putting them on and doing a puzzle because I feel like I can pay attention and also make my brain work at the same time. It’s honestly so worth being laughed at by my co-workers for spending my nights doing puzzles because there’s nothing more satisfying than finishing a puzzle and then DESTROYING IT!

Urban Decay Born to Run Palette


If you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ve probably haven’t heard about this palette. However, if you’re all over social media like I am, then you know all about this. I typically don’t wear eyeshadow on a daily basis beyond my NYX eyeshadow stick, but this palette has inspired me. It’s hands down their best palette yet, because it’s the perfect mix of shades. It’s got your mattes, it’s got your neurtals, it’s got your shimmers, IT’S GOT YOUR LIGHTS, IT’S GOT YOUR DARKS, it has it all I swear. And, like any other Urban Decay palette, it has plenty of colored shadows, but they’re all so wearable and pair well with any other color that’s in the palette. It retails for $49 and is so worth it because I will go on record and say this would be the only palette I’d ever need for the rest of my life.

Handy App


I’ve been redoing my apartment this past month, which included assembling furniture, painting walls, and hanging things up. Since the last time I tried to assemble furniture resulted in a crooked bookshelf, I decided I would take myself out of the equation and bring in professionals. In comes the greatest thing I’ve ever discovered. Rather than having to spend time sourcing professionals, Handy does it all for you. They offer a ton of services from painting, cleaning, hanging, and assembling among so many other things. All you have to do is select the service you need, fill in a little bit of information, and Handy will pair you with a professional that will come out, fully prepared, to help with your project. All the guys I’ve had have been really nice and did a great job! Not sure if it services the entire country, but definitely in New York it’s amazing! Available in both the App Store and Google Play

Quay Australia Don’t @ Me Sunglasses


Once upon a time I told myself I was only going to have one pair of prescription sunglasses because I needed to see at all times. A few years later and I’ve amassed a collection of about 20 pairs of Quay sunglasses because I have a problem and cannot be stopped. This pair, designed by the queen herself Desi Perkins, is one of my most recent additions, but quickly has become my favorite. I thought I ordered them in black, but actually got them in white, but still not mad about it. The first time I wore them, I kid you not three different people stopped and stared at me as if I was someone famous. They’re a really unique pair of shades that plays off the tiny sunglasses trend, but in a way that looks more flattering on a larger range of face shapes. They retail for $65, which is probably pretty steep for some of you, but they’re HIGH QUALITY sunnies, and I’m willing to pay that price if it’ll make people think I’m someone famous.

DryBar Money Maker Hairspray


Now I’ve used this hairspray for a few months now, but it’s been especially useful this summer when the humidity is insane and my baby hairs don’t want to get under control on their own. However, the true beauty of this product is not on the hair, but on my legs. Yes, you heard that correctly. We’ve already tackled my anti-chafing balm in one favorites post, but we’re tackling another thicc girl hack here. I hate wearing shorts because they ride up my crotch the second I take a step, and I get self-conscious. However, some days it’s so hot that wearing anything else is a joke. SO, I’ll take a little bit of this hairspray, spray it on my inner thighs, wait for it to get tacky, and pull my shorts over and BOOM. Shorts stay in place. It helps not only decrease the amount of chub rub going on, but also means that I can walk normally without having to tug at my shorts every thirty seconds. Any hairspray will do honestly, but this one is cruelty free and smells amazing, and I love DryBar so there ya go.



Last month I had an interior designer come in and look at my place before I started rennovations. She turned out to be too expensive so I didn’t end up using her, but she did say two words that stuck with me. Those words were “functional poufs.” I know, I didn’t get it either, but stay with me here. I wanted to add more seating into my apartment, because I only had a couch and two barstools, and the couch became unusable when I had someone sleeping over, so yeah no space for seating. That is how the term “functional pouf” came about. Basically, think ottoman on a smaller scale. There ya go, that’s a pouf. Functional pouf is like adding a tray on top of your pouf so that it can serve as a coffee table when you’re lonely, but as extra seating when you’re with friends! Amazing right?! Well, now they’re everywhere, so I’d like to say I started that trend, but really it was this interior designer so sorry for stealing your idea and not paying you for it.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Arriba


I’ve talked about colourpop before, so we’ll make this brief. I love their lip products. I especially love their Ultra Matte Lips because, as I work 9-hour days on my feet, I don’t have time to constantly reapply my lipstick throughout the day. With this formula, I know I can put it on at 10am and not have to touch it once. I’ll go through phases with their colors, but at the moment I’m really vibing with Arriba. This was part of their iluvsarahii collection, and it’s one of the most perfect red’s ever. It’s a blue-toned red, which means it makes your teeth look whiter, which is amazing, and also looks great on literally everyone?! I wear it to work a lot to spice up my all-black outfits, and I’ve never been complimented more on it. It’s become a staple to my everyday makeup look, and I love just how fierce it makes you look. It does bleed a little throughout the day, but it’s nothing a little lip liner doesn’t fix!

Bullet Journal


I’ve been an avid Bu-Jo’er for two years now. I started off with the actual Bullet Journal, but have not ventured into something more stylish. While it’s been a staple in my life for two years, this past month it’s saved me. I’ve been so busy with work and my apartment and everything that I’ve needed to just sit down and plan out my weeks, sometimes hour by hour. Doing so has helped me mentally unpack everything that I need to do, as well as making sure that I plan out workouts so I actually get it done (which did not happen last week but like whatever). It just makes me so happy to look at what my next day has in store and see things planned out down to even what I’m going to eat that day. It’s so Type A of me, I know, but I love it.

Pat McGrath Labs Sublime Highlight Trio

Last year, I had a not so great experience when I thought I was going to meet Pat McGrath at Sephora and then didn’t, after which I swore I wouldn’t purchase her stuff again. Clearly we can all tell that didn’t work out well. I just can’t help it, I love her stuff so much!!! This highlight trio calls back her first ever product launch as her own brand, but infuses her new identity with the incredible graphic packaging. It’s like a fushion of old and new. The formulation is described as “gel-powder,” which is pretty accurate. They’re not an overpowering highlight, but rather look more like a sheen that can be built up to be more dramatic. I love popping on Irridescent Pink on days when I’m looking for a more dewey, natural look, but really just love to stare at all three of the colors all day. For $50 it’s not a whole lot, but still there’s something so unqiue and incredible about her products that just keeps me wanting to own them all.

Everlane Denim

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 12.15.41 PM

I don’t think I’ve publically talked about this brand before, but it’s time. I saw Everlane on Facebook, but one of my friends liked their page. Then, they blew up. I’m not sure if you’ve heard about that underwear launch that had like 15,000 people on a waiting list? Yeah, well that’s Everlane. I’d describe this brand as being on par with J. Crew in terms of their style and products, but they do so much better. Everything is simple with classic silhouettes, but the best part about them is their transparency. They openly present information about their factories and their materials on their website, which is a huge sell for shoppers these days. Us millenials love to know where are products are coming from, and what impact they’re having on the environment. I’ve only ever bought denim from them, but it’s LITERALLY the greatest denim ever. It’s good quality, but you can still move around in them. My favorite pair is the Cheeky Straight Jean, which is super high raise and makes the bum look round and perky because they’re clearly infused with magic. ALSO THEY’RE ONLY $68 FOR A PAIR OF JEANS WHICH IS LIKE WAY BETTER THAN I’VE EVER PAID FOR A PAIR OF DENIM OF SUCH HIGH QUALITY, PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND PURCHASE.

I’m glad we’re going to end on such a passionate note there. That’s everything I’ve been loving for this past month. Let me know what you’ve been loving, I’d love to check it out!

Until next time.




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