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Today we’re coming to you live from the OUTSIDE WORLD! That’s right, I’ve ventured out into the great wide somewhere to work on my bronze while I patiently wait for Shane Dawson to upload the final episode in his Jeffree Star series. My thoughts and opinions on Jeffree are irrelevant, but I love this series and the ins and outs of the beauty industry that his most recent episode presented.

But, when you’re reading this, it’ll be Friday. And, by now we all should know that Friday’s are for Fitness, aka my lovely series of Fitness Friday. I haven’t run out of things to talk about that are fitness related, but I wanted to talk about something not so serious for a change, because I have some really cool Friday posts in the works coming up!


If you haven’t already guessed by the title, today we’re talking about my shoe collection. Now, I’ve already posted about my LOVE aka unhealthy obsession for the Adidas Ultraboost. In that post, I bragged about having like 11 pairs of them. However, I recently had a closet makeover, which resulted in me having to part with some of my favorite and much loved shoes. So, after a large purge, what was left remaining was 17 pairs of shoes from two different companies. When it works, it works ya know?

For the purpose of this post, and to make it seem at least someone fitness realted, we’ll be breaking down the shoes into fitness and lifestyle shoes, and talking about the benefits of them all, BRIEFLY I PROMISE. With all that mumbo jumbo out of the way, we begin.

Lifestyle Shoes


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Nike Air Huarache City High Sneaker

This was my first venture into a “non-traditional” pair of shoes. Basically, I got them as an attempt to try out the ugly sneaker trend, but they’re not ugly so I take it all back. These shoes are so flipping comfortable, when I first put them on I described it to my friend like walking on clouds. The material is a breathable neoprene, and while they state they’re a “light-weight runner”, I use them more for getting around the city for short periods of time, as the back heel tends to chaffe after a while.

Nike AF Air Force 1 LNY QS

I have a love-hate relationship with these shoes. Should I have sized-up a half size? Yes. Do they make it look like I have cankles? Yes. Do I love them? Absoutely. They draw insirpiration from a military boot, and fit my aesthetic so well being as they are white and gold. I love to pair them with dresses or shorts for a more casual look when I don’t feel like putting on boots.

Adidas NMD_C2

Honestly, I’ve worn these only a handful of times, because the insole is so uncomfortable. Definitely with the NMD’s I’d recommend getting an insert, like I really don’t get how people are wearing these to lift in. They’re suede, so they’re not the most comfortable to break in, or the most practical to wear around NYC, but I think they’re a really unique shoe, and are great for days when I’m feeling more easy street style.

Adidas NMD_R1 Oreo PrimeKnit

Anytime I wear these shoes, guys always freak out over them because they’re in the coveted oreo pattern. They’re a guys shoe, and since they’re a primeknit material they give your foot a lot of room to move, which was weird when I first put them on. I prefer shoes a bit more snug. However, they’re super comfortable, as if you’re not even wearing shoes.

Nike Air Huarache City Low Sneaker

This was my attempt at getting a pair of shoes that look like those white Fila’s everyone is wearing. I loved the high top version of this sneaker so much I flipped a 180 and went for the all white low top version. They’re just as comfortable as the high top version, and definitely don’t chafe as much around the achilles. They’re a pretty unique looking sneaker that pairs well with any outfit.

Adidas SwiftRun

These I bought back in February from PacSun, and haven’t seen them anywhere else. Like the  Nike AF’s, they match my aesthetic, so I had to buy them. The SwiftRun is designed to be a running shoe, but it doesn’t offer as much support through the arch as the UltraBoost does, so I wear them just out and about (usually on rainy days if I don’t want to ruin a nicer pair).

Nike ID Air Max X Thea

These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes, but as so difficult to wear because they chafe your achilles so badly. They’re a custom pair of the Air Max X Thea’s, which you can’t customize anymore. I love the shape of them, and the fact that the holographic detailing adds a nice oomph. Plus, I haven’t ever seen anyone else with them before, and that’s something I love.

Converse Monochrome High Top

These have SEEN SOMETHINGS. I’ve lived in converse for years now. I love the silhouette of them, I love the versatility, but these have got to be my favorite pair. I had the leather version, which was obviously a lot easier to clean, but the regular canvas material is really nice for the summer. I’ll be sad when I have to part with these, but I’ll know they’ve had a good run when it is time to say goodbye.

Nike ID Roshe Two

Again, another pair of Nike ID’s. I got these for my birthday my senior year of college, and really didn’t wear them until I moved to New York. They’re not the comfiest pair of shoes, and it’s also hard to find good socks to wear with them, but they look cool. Plus, they say my name on the back because I’m obsessed with myself and want everyone to know my name,

Adidas EQT ADV

Like my converse, these shoes have seen some shit. I used to live in these during the two months I was working at a gym. I found them on PacSun, and similar to the SwiftRun’s have not seen this color combo anywhere else. They didn’t need to be broken in, and I love how they look both athletic enough and stylish enough to let people know you work out but still have style.

Workout Shoes


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Adidas UltraBoost Ungaged

It hurts my soul to say I’ve only worn these shoes once. I was always reaching for my original UltraBoosts or the laceless versions, so these ones fell behind. However, that just means that the arch is still in tact, so I’m excited to start wearing these now that I’ve gotten back into running more. They fit a bit more snug than any other UltraBoosts, but still have that open toebox and the nice cross weaving that makes the UltraBoost a great shoe.

Adidas UltraBoost Laceless

We should already know my thoughts and feelings about these shoes now. If not, I’m linking my last blog post about shoes for you to read before asking me any more questions. OMG Shoes!

Adidas 24/7 Trainers

Do not judge me, but I bought these shoes exclusively to wear on upper body lifting days. It sounds stupid, and it is stupid. I can wear literally any pair of sneaker to work out in on upper body days, I didn’t need to buy a new pair. But, I didn’t want to wear out my UltraBoosts, and at the time those and my crosstrainers were the only sneakers I owned. I still only wear these on upper body days because I am weird like that.

Nike Free Run 2017

I bought these because I liked the concept, but because I actually planned to wear them for running. Sometimes I’ve worn them on upper body days, but usually these are my go-to shoes for hit days. I need something for those days that has some shape so I can jump around in them, but are still not super supported so I can still squat in them. Does that make sense? No? Well get over it.

Adidas UltraBoost V4

This is the most recent wave of UltraBoosts. I’m surprised I only own one of these shoes, considering they’ve been out for over a year now. However, these ones are starting to break down in their support, so it’s almost time to replace them. They have the cross-stitched weave and a nice open toe box and are nice and breathable. Sneaker heads love these, but so do my feet for running.

Adidas Crosstrainers

Truthfully I don’t know the name of these shoes. They’re not on the Adidas website anymore, and it’s been over a year since I got them. They’re not true lifting shoes, but they do have a nice weight to them, and they’re flat-soled, so these are my go-to’s on lower body days. I feel stable in them, and have enough range of motion to be able to do all my favorite movements, while feeling grounded and not like I’m going to topple over because of arch support.

Converse Monochrome High Top

While I prefer these shoes for my everyday life, they do come in handy when I’m traveling. So many people lift in converse because they’re a flat shoe and are therefor better for lifts and keeping your body in its natural alignment. Whenever I go home, these are the shoes I pack for the gym, and while I hate lifting in them, its convenient to pack one pair of shoes instead of two or three.

Adidas UltraBoost V2

If you can’t tell by how disgusting they are, these are my second ever pair of UltraBoost that I’ve ever owned. It’s been a while, so I don’t know why I’m still holding onto these, because by now all the arch support is definitely gone. I’m not a sentimental person, but I keep them around because I’m sure I can figure out some use for them. Or just put them in a shadow box to hang somewhere in my apartment. The world way never now.

WELL, that about wraps this up. I’m sure this is exactly the sort of fitness content everyone was looking forward to today. I aim to deliver ya know? I have currently one space left on my sneaker shelf for a new pair of shoes, so I’m off to figure out what the lucky pair is.

Until next time.




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