How to Eat Healthy While on Vacation

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WE BACK!!!!!! This week was tough, but I survived (and if you’re reading this, so did you, look at you go!!). Mercury is officially out of Retrograde, I officially start my new job soon, and it’s officially back to school szn.

But, I’m not in school anymore, so we don’t care about that anymore (sorry I’m not sorry, I did my time, you do yours). Instead, we’re talking about the one thing that probably would’ve been more topical to talk about back in May, but I don’t do anything on time so here we are. TODAY, we’re talking about my tips for staying healthy on vacation!!!!!!!

Not to brag or anything, but I actually travel quite a lot. While most of the traveling is me going home where I have access to a kitchen and a mother who buys me whatever food I’m eating at the moment, there are the occasional trips to places that don’t fall under the home category (like that one time I kept traveling to Mexico earlier this year? Yeah, I don’t know what that was all about, either).

Now usually when I go on vacation, I give myself that time to completely relax and be in the moment because that’s what they tell you to do. But, occasionally (aka anytime I go on a vacation with my mother who is going to be nagging me about working out and eating healthy), I put some thought into bringing my healthy lifestyle on vacation.

I bet you’re wondering how I do it?! How am I strong enough to eat healthy while in places that are known for their carbs or have amazing margaritas? Well, if you keep reading, I’ll share my top 5 tips for mastering vacations like the healthy queens you are.



I don’t know about you, but back in the day when I first started this ole journey, I used to think I should order a salad anytime I went out to dinner. That turned out to be wrong on so many levels. Firstly, I don’t care what anyone says, salads are the worst thing ever and should never be ordered under any circumstance. On this blog, we love to eat. Secondly, I know approximately one person (my mother – I swear I love her, she’s just a little ODD to me), who can eat a salad and maintain a state of fullness for longer than an hour.

You may be out traipsing around Italy and stop at a cute little restaurant to have some lunch. While your first thought is to dive into a pizza or a dank bowl of fettucine alfredo, take a little time. I’m not saying DON’T order that pizza, but ball out a little and add some protein (why does adding protein to something always cost more?! The governments don’t want us to be healthy or something).

Adding protein to any meal adds at least a little something for your body to help it continue doing all those important life-sustaning activities it does on a daily basis. You may not have worked out on your vacation, but your muscles are still moving and therefore need to be maintained with protein. Also, I don’t know about ya’ll but eating protein always helps me get to a satiated state quicker, so you’re less likely to eat an entire bowl of carbs and feel like you’re going to burst at the seams and have to be carried home.



For some reason, I always find it difficult to drink water while I’m on vacation. I really don’t know what it is. I could be laying on the hottest beach in the world and still not remember to drink a proper amount of water. However, whenever I sit down to a meal, I tell myself to drink a full glass of water before my meal comes.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but sometimes we mix up the signals from our body between whether we’re actually hungry, or if we really just need water. I’ll go ahead and order whatever I want off the menu (remembering to have some protein with it), but before I dig in, I drink that full glass of water so that my body can then work. After this, I’ll have a better idea of how hungry I actually am and eat until I’m full enough to still have room for dessert. Because dessert is bae.



We already know that I love dessert, because I just said it. That’s why, whenever I go out to a restaurant, I don’t order an appetizer. Growing up, my mom always had this philosphy that it was either an appetizer or dessert. It wasn’t a rule she ever enforced, but she would say it time to time when a waiter asked if she wanted something to start.

This idea stuck with me, and became very helpful when I’m trying to stay healthy. I’ve always jokingly had a mentality of “mental toughness” that always kicks in with eating. Literally I see a plate of food in front of me and my mind just blacks out and I want to eat it all. It’s like I have about 17 different stomachs where all the food goes.

The moral of that story is that I like to eat, and unfortunately have not been blessed with a sense of portion control or any skills with restraint. So, when I go out to dinner, I know that I’ll want to eat dessert (because I have a fat ass sweet tooth), so I don’t order an appetizer. Or, if I see an appetizer that I’m DESPERATE to have, I’ll compromise and won’t order dessert that night.

It may sound like a restrictive rule, but I’ve found that it helps for someone like me who will just eat. Maybe your form of bargaining is getting a dessert and an appetizer, but splitting the dessert with someone, or ordering dessert to go so you can have it when you feel less stimulated by the restaurant. Whatever it is, I think it’s important to know what keeps you on track to eat healthy, and learn that usually you can’t have it all and accomplish your goals.



Going on vacation is tough. You’re taken out of your normal routine and pushed into a new environment for a certain amount of days. It can be hard to stick to a calorie goal or a macro goal, and that’s alright. I used to try and track everything I ate at any restaurant while on vacation, and it was miserable. Don’t be the one bringing the mood down for the whole group just because you’re trying to stay healthy.

It can be scary to be away from your meal preps or fitness routines while on vacation, but just know that when you get back home you’ll just pick up where you left off. Your body remembers more than you think. Even if you lost a little bit of muscle definition in your legs during your vacation, you gained some incredible experiences that can’t be replaced. I guarantee that after one session back in the gym you’ll start to notice your muscle getting back to where they were, because that’s just how awesome they are!



At the end of the day, you’re on vacation to relax. You’re not sneaking off to Paris to work out everyday that you’re there and stick to your fitness plans 100%. When you’re on vacation, you’re experiencing a new culture that may be radically different from your usual, so step out of your comfort zone. If you really want that mac and cheese for dinner one night, go ahead and order it! If you want appetizer and a dessert because you’re at an incredible restaurant, then go for it. Your fitness journey is not going to collapse overnight. Do the best you can while still enjoying your time away from home

Well, those were my five best tips for eating while on vacation. These are just things that help me stay on track but I hope they help you on your next trip! Let me know if you have any tips to share in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time.




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