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Listen, I want to be honest with you here. I never trained chest. Actually, I rarely ever trained upper body. I was always a legs/cardio type girl. But, when I started working chest with my trainer and realized that I could make my chest dance like guys do, boy that really changed everything! (Also hi, how are you? Everything good? Yeah I’m good! Finishing my first week at my new job, love it. Let’s get back to the blog, shall we?)

So yes, once I realized I could do a titty dance on par with any of the bodybuilders out there, I started working chest into my routine. I’m not on the same level as most guys where I participate in National Chest Day (Aka training chest on Monday’s), but I will work it in at least once every other week. (My current split, if you’re interested is two days of cardio/HITT, two lower body days, and two upper body days).

I know a lot of females, like myself, are pretty hesitant to start training chest. Whether it be because they’re afraid of losing their cleavage, or afraid of their upper body becoming too bulky, I rarely see women training chest often. However, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Training chest is going to PERK YOUR BOOBS RIGHT UP. Yeah that’s right, you heard me. Sure, boobs themselves may be just fat, but ya know what’s hiding under that fat? MUSCLE. Strengthening those muscles (known so nicely as “the pecs”) is going to give you that nice *toight* foundation to help you get those perky melons you’ve been wanting (PLUS YOU MAY EVEN GO UP A CUP SIZE, I DON’T MAKE THESE RULES I JUST ENFORCE THEM).


Now, I bet you’re asking what exactly are the best exercises to help you achieve this instant lift? WELL HEY I’M SURE GLAD YOU ASKED. I’ve listed out my top five favorite exercises that have helped me, accompanied, as always, with pictures of some nice, athletic men (and explanations of course, I won’t leave you in the dark).

Bench Press


This is the classic movement. Anytime you walk into a gym, I guarantee you’ll see every bench taken by a guy doing some variation of this movement. The two most common variations are with a barbell or dumbbells on the bench. However, somtimes I’ll do these on a mat, or even pair them with a leg lift for a reall full-body workout. As much as I hate the form, truly the best way to focus this motion into your chest as opposed to any other muscle group is to create a slight arch in your lower back so that it’s not making contact with whatever surface you’re on. Super fun, super common, super easy, 7/10.

Incline Bench


This is literally the same move as the normal bench press, except your bench is at an angle. Incline obviously means that the bench is angle upwards, which makes the movement at least 600% harder. There’s also another variation that you can do on the ab bench for a decline press, which again, makes it 600% harder. While the normal bench press allows for some incorporation of the shoulder muscles, the incline bench (or decline as well) places an increased emphasis on the chest, so ya really feel it.

Dumbbell Pullover

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 7.03.32 PM

This is one that I’m still trying to master. You still want your body to be in the same position as the bench press (ergo your lower back should remain arched, with no contact on the bench). However, instead of bringing your weight towards you’re body, you’re arching it over your head. Think skull-crusher but further back. I really have to focus on keeping my shoulders down during this movement so I can work to keep the focus on the chest.

Cable Fly


Like the bench press, this one has a couple different variations. You can do an incline fly, like our lovely male pictured above. You can also do a decline fly, where the cables are at the bottom and you pull them upwards with an underhand grip (I don’t like that one as much since I feel it in my biceps instead of the chest). You can also do a cable fly on the pec dec machine, or even on the bench with dumbbells!!! SUCH A VERSATILE MOVE! You want to remember to always keep a slight bend in your elbows, as if you’re hugging a beach ball, because once you extend your arms fully, then the movement goes right into the shoulders. At the top of the movement I like to give a little squeeze to make those muscles WERK.



Arguably should’ve put this one at the top of the list, since it’s the most basic movement for humans. While the standard push-up is going to be the most beneficial, it’s a super easy movement to progress into, whether you need to start on the wall, on a bench, or on your knees. It’s really a good movement for your whole upper body, of which your chest is included. For some additional fun, you can do a decline push-up! YOU CAN THANK ME LATER!

That’s it, that’s all I’ve got for you this week. Some educational content that I know all of you will immediately start putting to use right after you read this. Well, I’m off to go do something.

Until next time.




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