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I’ve said it every month, and I’ll keep saying it if things keep going this way, but what the actual fuck?! Literally not even sure August was a full month, it went by just too damn quickly. A lot happened in August! I left one job, started a new one, did some traveling, finished my apartment redecoration, and tried a crap ton of new things!

I’m super excited to talk about all the new things I tried. However, today is not that day. But fear not, that day will come soon enough! While we all wait patiently in anticipation until then, today I’m letting ya’ll know my thoughts and opinnies on some great products that really stood out to me. These were the true homies of August 2018. Read on, won’t you?

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 3.45.46 PM

In case you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of months, you might not have heard about this. Summer Fridays is a brand started by influencers (insert big eye roll here, we all know how much I *love* the word influencer) Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland (no clue who they are, so are they really “influencers”). Anyway, it blew up the beauty industry for being a leave-on hydrating mask meant to cover up signs of puffiness, tiredness, hungoverness, you name it.

I have pretty normal skin, it’s not great enough to not wear makeup, but I don’t feel it’s a thirsty bitch, but I decided to buy this mask anyway because I couldn’t resist. At first, I was skeptical, because isn’t it just a glorified night cream? NO PAST LANE, IT FUCKING ISN’T. The first time I used this, was after a night of drinking when I knew I would put minimal effort into work makeup the next day. Lemme tell ya, this sucker really came through.

My skin looked PHENOMENAL. But you wanna know what? Using it when I’m drunk isn’t the best way to use it. Instead, I’ll use my Indian Healing Clay, and then apply this on afterwards overnight, and boy oh boy my skin looks clear and quenched the next day. Worth the hype.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin


I’ll confess, I’ve actually been using this product for quite some time now. However, I was away from my apartment for over a week, and this doesn’t fit the travel requirements for carry-on items, so sadly I had to leave this beauty behind. As I was away for a while, I had to wash my hair, naturally. I wasn’t about to go out and spend money on purchasing a new one while I was away (because although I was literally at my house in Boston, it would be a waste to keep it there).

So, I go out and buy another product that sounded similar. Truthfully, I don’t even know what this product is supposed to do. All I know is that they definitely sold their soul to the devil to create this, because the magic it works on my hair is unreal. UNREAL!!!!! I spray it on my hair after a lil towel dry action, and then follow that up with my DryBar 100 Proof.

Without this product, my hair looks like Monica while she was in Barbados (pre-braids of course). WITH THIS STUFF, my hair looks like I could be a hair model in one of those new Treseme commercials.

Tarte Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation


10/10 you’re tired of me talking about this product by now, so I’ll keep it brief. Yes, I used to hate this product. No, I don’t still hate it anymore. It holds up to all sorts of sweat and heat that New York has thrown at me this month. It’s got hyalauronic acid in it, and I actually notice a big difference in my skin when I use it consistently versus when I was using something else. Yes, the shade range could be better, but that’s an issue I’ve already tackled. One downside is it appears to have run out rather quickly, and the applicator is a little hard to adjust to for a foundation. Other than that, two thumbs up.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Lotion


Listen, August was a month I spent a lot of time outside on my roof deck. It’s closing after today, and since it literally opened in August, I needed to spend every free second I had out there. Only problem is, ya girl and the sun are not friends. Even with sunscreen on, we don’t get along. So, in comes this bad boy. I would smother my body in this morning and night, and sometimes at noon if I was home. Usually, I can bathe in lotion forever and STILL get peely skin. NOT THIS TIME. This stuff saved my sunburns and ressurected them into a beautiful, glowing tan (that looks great under a spray tan because let’s be honest, I’m still pale AF). I’m sure it works great as a normal lotion too, I just haven’t gotten there yet.

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Fragrance


I go on through phases with fragrances. My go-to unti recently had always been Nirvana Bourbon, but that tragically ran out on me one day, as most things tend to do. Instead of going and spending money on a new fragrance (can someone PLEASE explain to me why a glorified bottle of smelly water costs SO MUCH MONEY?!), I found this sitting at the back of my cupboard. I got it for Christmas one year, after hearing some British beauty guru talking about it (I know they were british because at the time I got this, it wasn’t available in the US and my mom said it was a hassle to get it).

Basically, the premise behind Escentric Molecules is that their fragrances are “unscented’ in that they contain certain molecules that, once they interact with the skin, are meant to bring out the natural pheremones of the wearer. Honestly, the concept could go really, really poorly. However, I’ve gotten nothing but compliments when I wear this. It goes on with quite a manly/musky scent, but that disappears after a while to me, and then people just get to smell me as I truly am.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm


No, this hasn’t replaced my Two Faced Lip Injections. I just haven’t been feeling the lipstick look these days. Instead, I use this throughout the day at work to keep my lips maintaining a healthy sheen. It would be excessive to continuously apply the Two Faced gloss. This is a nice alternative that doesn’t get all over whatever I’m drinking, while also keeping my lips hydrated. Hydration was a key theme for August apparently, we love that.

Slip Silk Pillow Cases

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 3.35.12 PM copy

Like the hair treament, these are something I’ve been using for a while, but didn’t notice how much of a difference they make until I was away. I have naturally wavy hair, and usually wash it before bed, which means I’m sleeping on wet hair. Before, when I had *normal* pillowcases, I used to wake up with my hair literally looking like a rats nest. Now, I wake up with a nice toussled look.

Silk pillowcases prevent friction between your hair and the pillow, while also apparently being really good for your skin, too. I used to wear my hair up all the time, or would straighten the crap out of it, just because I hated the way it looked when I woke up. Now, it’s so easy to style and I feel comfortable enough to wear it down. Yes, these are a bit of an investment, but they’re honestly so worth it. They survive the washing machine and the dryer, and just look so much more mature than normal bedding.

Converse Lift Clean Leather High Top

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 3.32.07 PM

I’ve been looking for these shoes for YEARS. As someone who is vertically challenged, I love anything that is going to give me a boost. I also love Converse shoes. When I saw these, I bought them instantly (and then they went on sale a week later, we’re not going to talk about that).

They’re leather, which is both a good and a bad. It’s great because it means they’re super easy to clean, and I don’t have to be so protective about when I wear them about the city. The bad side is that breaking them in sucks. I have cuts all over my ankles from where they were digging in, but I’m working through that. I love the way they give me a confident stride, as if I could kick anyone’s ass who got in my way, but still look as cool and casual as a normal pair of converse do!

Budget Friendly Hacks


Now, I can’t say “new year new me” because it’s not a new year, but I’m trying!!! Admittedly, I’ve never been good with money. Well, I should say I’ve never been good at managing money. I’ve always been exceptionally good at spending it. It just got to the point this month where I spent SO much of it that I knew I had to do something.

I stopped ordering meals, and instead have decided to start cooking, which is saving me about $30 a week. My friend showed me a site called Budget Bytes, which has amazing, easy to follow recipes! The best part is, she breaks down the receipe by cost, so you know how much it’ll cost to cook it.

I’ve also started returning things. I know this doesn’t sound huge to literally anyone, but I was never someone who returned things. If shoes or clothes didn’t fit, I kept them to give to friends, or donated them. If I didn’t like a makeup product, I held onto it. It was just something I did. But now, no matter how inconvenient it may sound to leave my apartment, I do it! Big steps for me!

While it’s really only tiny steps like that, I’m doing my best to save up and start living within my means better, instead of spending all of my money as if it’s literally all going to disappear tomorrow.

Those are all the things I’ve been loving in August (and beyond)! Let me know what you’ve been loving, or if you have any tips and tricks for how to be a Saving Sister, because I need all the help I can get.

Until next time.




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  1. I just bought the tarte shape tape, because of the VIB sale, and I haven’t had the chance yet to use it, because I’m trying to finish up the too faced born this way foundation (which I love), but I’m glad to hear that you love it. It’s funny, because I feel like we have similar favorites? I’ve been using the it’s a 10 all summer long, and I love it too. The one thing that I’ve been looking into, but didn’t know it was really worth the hype was the silk pillowcases! Great post Lane xxx

    Melina |

    1. Silk pillowcases are absolutely life-changing! I promise they’re definitely worth the investment you’ll notice changes in your hair (and skin!) immediately!!

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