What Brands Are Worth The Money?

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I’m in the middle of my 8 day work-week now, and honestly, while I say this a lot, I legitimately have no idea what day it is. All I know is that once I get through Thursday, I’ll be on my way to Disney World to stuff my face with cuisine from around the world AKA the Food and Wine Festival.

Honestly, sales have been so slow this past week, and I really don’t understand why.  I mean, I guess I should be thankful that it’s slow before the holiday season kicks off and I’ll most likely be drowning. But, I’m writing this post to hopefully inspire SOMEONE to get out to their local makeup store/department store to drop some coin.

TBQH, I’m not a huge drugstore shopper when it comes to cosmetics. Mainly because Ulta can suck my dick, but mostly because you can never play around with drugstore cosmetics before you purchase. Usually you just have to pick something and hope to god that it’s a good product. However, I understand that not everyone is going to so easily invest money into cosmetics. Especially when so many drugstore brands create incredible dupes for luxury cosmetics for so cheap.

But, sometimes it’s worth the investment for high end products. Maybe you’re looking for a change, or are finally willing to invest in some quality skincare. Whatever your motivation is, I’ve compiled a list of my ten favorite high end/luxury brands for skincare, cosmetics, and fragrance that I believe are truly worth the money. (Some of these brands may not seem like high end brands to you, sometimes spending $30 on a foundation isn’t someone’s idea of “cheap”, so that’s why you’ll see some brands here that your favs may not classify as high end).

Hourglass Cosmetics


I’ve recently grown to love Hourglass more and more. While they don’t have as extensive of a range as other companies, they do make some incredibly unique products, along with just being some great quality things. Additionally, they’re doing so much to be a trailblazer in the cosmetics industry to truly help promote vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics, which we love. Their products range from $14.00 (for travel sizes) to $75.00 for full-size. Great products, great package, great message. What more could you ask for.

Try These: Veil Mineral Primer ($19.00 – $75.00), Arch Brow Gel ($28.00), Ambient Lighting Powder ($28.00)



I’ve been using Dermalogica since my sophomore year of college, when I went in for a facial at Ulta, and got recommended a regimine of products. Since then, I haven’t looked back. I’ve never had terrible skin, but ever since sticking to this routine, I literally never break out. Not even the monthly hormonal breakout. A good skincare routine is literally life changing. While I’m still trying to get a routine down to the point where I don’t need to wear makeup, Dermalogica has helped me get more comfortable not wearing makeup ALL the time. Definitely would recommend going to Ulta and getting a face map analysis (FO FREE…even though Ulta sucks, Dermalogica doesn’t) to get your own routine.

Try These: Breakout Control ($48.00), Precleanse ($10.50 – $45.00), Skin Prep Scrub ($37.00)


smashbox-full-exposure-eyeshadow-paletteSmashbox is a brand that I leaned heavily on in high school, but keep forgetting about until I find something hiding in my makeup collection. They’re more recently a cruelty free brand, which is great because while a lot of people (including myself) will sleep on them, they make some sick ass stuff. Really great staple pieces that are worth the investment if you’re looking for some natural looks.

Try These: Camera Ready BB Cream ($42.00), Always On Gel Liner ($18.00), Photo Matte Eyes Palette ($49.00)

Urban Decay


THIS BRAND. I can’t. If makeup collecting was a thing, Urban Decay would be my vice (fitting really, considering they have their Vice collection). Their products are, tbqh, NOT wearable on an everyday basis for most people. In fact, I rarely reach for these palettes on days I want to wear shadow. BUT, whatever magic they put into their eyeshadow formula is incredible, and the shadow colors are just too beautiful to pass up. Plus, with their Naked collection they have made a move into a more functional range of cosmetics. Perfect for everyone, whether you love colors or want something more natural.

Try These: Born to Run Palette ($49.00), All Nighter Setting Spray ($32.00), Optical Illusion Primer ($36.00)

Natasha Denona


All your faves probably talk about how much they love this brand, and rightly so. I’d say they’re along the same vein as Urban Decay in that they’re most widely known for their color products, but have a decent range of neutral colors for a more everyday look. It’s true what everyone says, these shades blend out so well. Plus, the curration of each palette/quad is done so well that you literally don’t need anything else. Their eyeshadows are incredible, their face products could use some work, but that’s ok because they still kill it at eyeshadows (if you’re willing to make an actual investment)!!

Try These: Star Palette ($169.00), Contour Sculpting Powder ($38.00), Crystal Top Coat ($28.00)



I am a Tarte STAN. There’s no other way to put it. I’ve tried to work at this brand for two years now, and will literally purchase anything they come out with. They started with lipsticks, and have no cornered almost every inch of the Sephora market. Their best sellers are the obviously the Shape Tape concealer, but also any product featuring Amazonian Clay. Not sure what exactly Amazonian Clay is, but this range of products is spectacular. I don’t think I’ve had a daily makeup routine in years that hasn’t featured at least one Tarte product. I’ll stand behind these products to my grave.

Try These: Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation ($39.00), Aquacealer ($26.00), Lights, Camera, Flashes Mascara ($23.00)

Kat Von D

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 7.26.55 PM

Kat Von D products have been in the news lately, less because of how great the actual products are, and moreso because of controversial things Kat Von D has done/said. I understand that everyone is going to have their opinon on whether or not they’re going to support this brand, but I still think they make some incredible products. As someone who’s always been a goth at heart, I love the packaging of these products because they just fit so well into my aesthetic. This brand obviously produces some cult favorites, like the Shade and Light Palette, but there’s also some hidden gems that are also worth the money.

Try These: Ink Liner ($20.00), Alchemist Palette ($32.00), Brow Pomade ($19.00)

Too Faced


Two Faced I feel is a bit of a wild card here. I don’t know how, because I never feel like I’m going out of my way to pick up Too Faced products, and yet somehow I have so many of their things in my collection. They’re really just good quality, classic products. The tried and true things that I will always reach for. Like the plain white tee of makeup. While they’re not a brand that sticks out all the time in my mind, everyone needs that plain white tee in their closet, just like everyone deserves to have some Too Faced in their collection.

Try These: Loved Flush Blush ($26.00), Chocolate Gold Bronzer ($30.00), Hangover RX Primer ($34.00)

KORA Organics


This is Miranda Kerr’s line of products, and that alone was enough to sell me on purchasing some things. The fact that they’re incredible really just seals the deal. She does really great skincare products, but also really great cosmetic-type products to give you a truly natural, glowly finish. While I’m still not at that no-makeup look, these things are definitely great to help you achieve the appearance that you’re there. Plus, any of the products would look great scattered on your countertop, so you can thank me later.

Try These: Crystal Luminzer ($28.00), Tumerica 2-in-1 Mask ($48.00), Noni Glow Body Oil ($58.00)

Elizabeth and James


THIS. THESE. ALL OF IT. Elizabeth and James (the brainchild of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – damn do those girls love pairing names) has never created a fragrance that I don’t like. I’ve said in a previous post that I really don’t understand why scented water costs so much damn money, but here we are. While I do love my Alien by Mugler, I find myself reaching for my roller balls of these scents more and more. I keep one in every bag I travel with, in my locker at work, literally anywhere I can keep one. AND THEY HAVE CANDLES TOO, SO EVERY INCH OF YOUR LIFE CAN BE COVERED IN THE SWEET SWEET (not actually sweet, they’re definitely more of a musk) SCENTS OF ELIZABETH AND JAMES.

Try These: Nirvana Bourbon Dry Shampoo ($28.00), Nirvana Black Candle ($40.00), Nirvana Amethyst ($85.00)

So, those are my ten high end brands that I think are definitely worth the money. I’m trying out a lot of new brands, so maybe in the future there will be some more brands added to this list as I slowly work my way through the Sephora website. Do you have a brand that you think is worth it that I didn’t mention? Let me know!

Until next time!



*Quick note: I’ve talked a lot about Pat McGrath Labs on this blog, but have recently learned that it’s not a cruelty-free brand. I was under the assumption that it was, and it may have been during its inception. As such, it has not been mentioned today, and will not be making an appearance on my blog until they get their shit together. I still cherish their products but am disappointed in myself for not doing research before spending some serious coin. Don’t make the same mistake*



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