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I’ve had a long standing theory that someone has been going into my apartment when I’m not home. I have no proof, but I’ll notice things seem slightly off as opposed to how I would leave them. THEN, when I was back home for a weekend, I got a phone call from the front desk at my building that there was a food delivery for Cynthia. Now, there’s not Cynthia that lives here, or has ever lived here, so theory confirmed.

BUT, that’s not where this saga ends. Literally yesterday, TWICE, I received weird phone calls from my front desk again. The first one was around 11:45, saying I had a grocery delivery from 1. I was at work at this time, so wouldn’t be stupid enough to order groceries if I couldn’t accept them?  and 2. I’ve never ordered from I go about the rest of my day and don’t think about that weird incident again. Fast forward to 10:45 pm I’m laying in bed watching the Red Sox, and I get ANOTHER call from the front desk. I answer half asleep, and the lady is saying there’s someone named Roy to see me?

Again I’m thinking what the fuck. When you come to my building, you say who you’re there to see and then the front desk will call that person to confirm, and then send the visitor up. So, this Roy person had to come to my building, state he was there to see me, and then???? WHO IS ROY. Who the hell is ordering groceries to my apartment??! WHAT IS GOING ON.

As this theory arose after a few weeks of being dormant, I thought it would be a great time to do an apartment tour! I’ve lived in this apartment for over a year now. I thought I was going to move and leave the city, but bitch I stayed, and decided that I was going to re-do everything. I mean technically I’ve been re-doing everything from the day I initially moved in. If I learned anything from my mother it’s that a home is never truly done.

While I’ll probably be changing things to this place forever, I’ve gotten it to a point where I’m really happy, and wanted to share it with all of you, in case anyone needs some inspiration or ideas for how to arrange a space. My unit is 550 square feet, which is an incredible size for a studio apartment in the middle of Manhattan, but I still struggled to condense all these design ideas I had into a space. So, from one human to another I hope you enjoy!

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I have a problem with buying nail polish, and eventually this will be full and I’ll need to figure out something. But, this sits right next to my door, out of the sun so the colors don’t fade. It’s a good use of wall-space that I wasn’t going to use for anything else, and allowed me to get rid of a giant dresser these bottles were sitting on top of before. There’s also a nook on the right side of this photo where I keep my keys/wallet/airpods that I grab before I leave.

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This bathroom is literally so aesthetic it hurts. I didn’t change anything about this, this is literally how it looked and will continue to look forever. The only thing I added was a corner floating shower caddy, because for some reason this bathroom was missing a place to put shower essentials. Under the sink is storage for my perfumes/hair accessories/cleaning products etc etc. There’s a medicine cabinent next to my hanging towels that has about 7 shelves for all my skin care (and also a poorly placed full-length mirror).

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Welcome to the view. It’s an incredible view of midtown Manhattan that literally matches the view from my Apple Watch. I fell in love the minute I saw this view. The kitchen’s on the left, the bathroom’s to the right, and everything else is ahead. The apartment came with that island in the kitchen, and the Nest, but surprisingly not a trash can (which is something college did not prepare me for?!) The windows have shades, but they aren’t black out shades so I never use them.

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Like the bathroom, this kitchen is aesthetic as fuck. It has a dishwasher, and the island has three drawers that I really only use to keep everything for my nutribullet. Love that thing. Yes, I do my makeup on my island, I have no other place to put it. The bar stools are from Ikea, bless ikea. The great thing about this kitchen is that it has a lot of storage. I’m small so I have a step ladder to reach everything. The drying rack next to the sink is such a great size that it fits everything that may not have dried in the wash, but doesn’t clutter the countertop more. The cabinets themselves are a mess, thank god you can’t see them.

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This is the area of my apartment that makes me the happiest. That couch has been there since the beginning, but that’s it. It converts to a bed, which is surprisingly comfortable and is great for when I have visitors (peep pieces of my old closet hiding on there, I need that if i ever more out LOL). That back wall used to be just plain white and covered in unframed prints. It looked cool, but also really crooked and reminded me of college. So, my vision (thanks to Mr. Kate) was to make this an accent wall. I picked my favorite prints, painted the wall a nice grey color to match the towels in my bathroom, and called it a day. The floor length mirror is there for selfies and to actually be functional.

The chair has not seen a human butt, but is a great place to put my giant sloth. It’s the same chair that Tati has in her beauty studio, I just could not resist it’s literally so beautiful. Yes, those are functional poufs. People can sit on them if I have guests, but normally they just have those trays on them for candles and whatnot.

I changed the rug from a black and white to a white and grey, which helps to draw the eyes up instead of sucking up light. The biggest thing to keep in mind with a small space is that you want to use larger furniture items that seem intentional, as opposed to a bunch of smaller pieces that will make it seem cluttered. The chair still hasn’t found a permanent home there, but it’s a work in progress.

Missing from this pic is a basket with decorative blankets. I feel like I’ve really hit peak adult with that basket. The blankets don’t get used, which is sad because they’re so soft, but they look SO great. Giraffe at Home, best blankets out there 10/10.

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When I told my mom I was getting all black bedding she thought I was nuts. But, I love the way it looks, so luxurious and upscale. The bench at the bottom is both 1. a great place to sit and 2. A STORAGE UNIT! The bench holds my extra blankets (because I’m a blanket whore) and extra towels.

The bed, another Ikea original, also has plenty of storage. Since I moved here right out of college, I knew that I had to maximize the amount of storage I had. There are two drawers on both side, with shelving on either side of the head board. The drawers near the windows have my makeup/exercise textbooks/workout equiptment and my socks/underwear/bras etc. The opposite side has my tops and bottoms. The shelves in the headboard has just general fuckery, so thank god you can’t see it.

Yes, that’s an Ihome on top of the bed. No, I’ve never used it but sometimes it comes on randomly when I’m watching TV and scares the hell out of me. The lamp is once again from Ikea and has a charging base on it, which is great at night.

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Before you say anything, yes I have a problem with sunglasses. Most of them are Quay, but some are from Sunice (, use code Lane25 for 25% off eyyy). I love these gold boxes from the container store. I used to have a night stand as a side table in the living area, and it was full of all this cluttered nonsense that I actually needed. When I got rid of that table and added this bookshelf, I got the boxes to keep everything I needed, but also add decorative accents as well.

I have a slight fascination with skulls, and this one is covered in astrology! It’s not creept, it’s cool!!!! The bird of paradise on top is obviously fake, but it’s my favorite plant/flower and I love the pop of color it brings into the room. I think this bookshelf is going to be a continuing work of progress until I get it completely to where I want, but it’s a nice additional storage/shelving space to have.

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This is the bread and butter of the room. Thanks to the container store for putting this beauty together. My biggest concern was storage space for my shoes, which they more than accomodate for. I clean out my closet and shoes every few months, so it’s constantly changing. I love the amount of added storage above the shoes and clothes. It’s a little scattered and very unorganized, but no one sees the closet (until now, I wasn’t going to change it for you guys).

Also, fun little story. When I first moved in, I needed paper towels. Seventh Generation sells a 6 pack of paper towels, so I was like LIT lets buy them. TURNS OUT, it was not just one pack of paper towels, BUT FOUR. I HAVEN’T EVEN FINISHED THE FIRST PACK HOW DOES ANYONE NEED 24 ROLLS OF PAPER TOWELS. Also made the same mistake with tissues, so now I’ve learned to really read amazon items before buying.

Anyway, the great thing about this closet was that the designers at the container store made sure to maximize the space used for actual storage. My old closet literally had like four shelves, and this one has so much more. I was able to take a lot of items that used to be scattered around the apartment or in storage units I got rid of and moved them into here. It’s not clean but it could look worse.

I hope you enjoyed!! I’m really happy with how it all looks as a place, and I definitely love how sophisticated and Manhattan it looks. Would love to be an interior designer in the future, HGTV hit your girl up!

Until next time!



p.s count how many Disney-related items I have. It’s a lifestyle get over it.


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  1. That’s so cool you live in NYC, i live right out of the city, and I love it, because I have so much stuff I wouldn’t know what to do with it in the tiny spaces (specially closet spaces) they have. You made this place look so homey and it honestly looks amazing. Great post! xxx

    Melina |

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