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I just had a wicked cheat day and am now sitting in a coma trying to write this. Tomorrow I’m embarking on a month-long journey into a diet that’s been sweeping the nation (but mostly just my workplace) recently. I’m trying it for science, and for this blog, to see what the hype is all about. But it means that I have to retire a lot of my favorite foods and meals for 31 long-ass days, so I tried to stuff as much of them into my piehole today, and in the last 24 hours, as possible.

We’re in a new month now! It’s officially Halloween, my favorite time of the year. But even scarier than that, it’s officially cuffing season. Gentlemen out there, be safe. Ladies, go get you someone who will at least shell out some money for a decent Christmas gift! I myself have been trying to put it out into the Universe that ONE of the baseball players I find incredibly sexy is going to notice me one day. Will keep you posted on that.

Since it’s the end of one month, and the start of another, it’s time for everyone’s favorite Beauty Guru trend: Favorites! We’re reaching into the depths of some favorites here because I still literally use the same things everyday. I’ve tried some new things, been on some new adventures, and found some new passions that I’m going to share with you today. Buckle up and enjoy!

DEVACURL Microfiber Towel


I’ve tried hair-specific towels before. I hated all of them because they never really claimed to do what they said they would. I was hesitant to try this one, but accidently had it in my cart during the VIB sale this month and so here we are. However, I actually really love it. Microfiber is supposedly really really good for your hair, especially if you have anything that resembles a curl. It’s not a great length, as it’s just a smidge too short for my hair, but it doesn’t ever feel like it’s ripping my hair out, and definitely feels like it’s locking in more moisture than when I use just a regular towel.

Acne Patches


LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THESE THINGS. I think these might be Korean Skincare witchcraft at it’s best. Whatever nonsense is behind these patches, I don’t need to know. All I know is that they work, and my life is forever changed. A few weeks ago I had a nasty little mountain on the side of my face, that even after a few days of masks and exfoliation was just not going anywhere. So, one night I popped one of these bad boys onto it, slept with it on, and the next morning it 1. stayed in place, but more importantly 2. IT MADE THE MOUNTAIN DISAPPEAR. The one downside of these is that you can’t layer makeup over top, but they do their job nonetheless, and in 2018 we appreciate that.

Microdermabrasion Blackhead Remover


I think I was reading a Vogue article or something about this machine a few months ago, and bought it because that’s who I am. I didn’t use it until recently, when my skin felt really congested. I applied some micellar water to my face (spoiler alert), and use this little machine. There was a little bit of smoke (unsure if that’s safe or nah), but also a really nice tingly sensation that really felt like it was zapping into my pores. My skin looked great the next morning, especially around my nose and chin, and has stayed really clear ever since first using this! Definitely worth the investment if you’re looking for less pain than those blackhead strips.

Disney EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival


Listen. I love Disney. We all know this. I only recently went to the Food and Wine Festival during my sophomore year of college, and haven’t looked back. If I only go to Disney once a year, it’s literally for this festival. I love to travel, and I love to eat, but I’m also broke. HOWEVER, I can literally pay some money (I balled out this time and stayed in a hotel, but that’s an unusual exception), to eat from OVER 30 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. They have small food items, and a selection of drinks, at each stall. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, so you really need to prepare your mind and body for a day here. It’s my absolute favorite thing that Disney puts on every year, and is 100% worth the trip, even if you don’t like Disney (if this is you, please explain who you are and why you are this way).

Boston Red Sox

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 8.00.55 PM

I’ve been a huge sports fan all my live. I’m that girl who will go to a bar and watch a sports game. I’m a *cool* girl. I’m also a die hard Boston supporter, being that I am from the city and all that. It’s always a great time to be a sports fan when your team is doing really well (and also when the team is packed with hecka cuties). That’s the Red Sox for me this year. While all the other sports were in preszn and draft szn and offszn, the Red Sox were out here grinding away to an incredible 107 wins. PLUS, have you seen their line up!? Not a single man on that team that I would not, if you know what I mean. I literally flew home for less than 24 hours to watch them play against the Yankees (also another team chalk full of beautiful bodies and terrific baseball butts). It was truly one of the greatest moments of my life to watch them play, even if none of them even looked in my direction.

Dermalogica Biolumin-C Serum


I’m still on a quest to establish a skincare routine that leaves my skin so flawless that I can walk out my door without having to wear makeup. So, in an attempt to get a little closer, I’ve added a vitamin c serum into the mix. Vitamin C is supposed to help with elasticity, firmness, and overall glow. I’ve been using it for a little less than a month, and have definitely noticed an increase in glowiness of my skin, along with a decrease in overall redness. I’m excited to keep playing around with this and seeing where it takes my skin in the future.

Dermalogica Oil Free Matte SPF30


I’ve finally started taking my mothers advice and wearing sunscreen everyday. Not all over, but hey it’s a good start. I LOVE this face sunscreen. I apply it as my last step in my routine, which I don’t know if that’s right or not but it’s what I do. It smells like a normal sunscreen, but doesn’t leave your skin looking shiny or feeling sticky like a normal sunscreen. It’s also part of their medibac clearing line, which is great for people with acne-prone skin like myself! Wearing sunscrean is supposed to help reduce signs of skin aging, so I’m excited to see what my skin looks like in another 30 days!

Wunder2 Wunderbrow Fiber Filler


This is one that I’ve had for a whie, but only recently started using again. Because of my stupid work schedule, I literally haven’t had time to get my brows done in almost two months. I refuse to touch them with tweezers or anything because I usually end up taking off half of my eyebrow, and I don’t need that right now. So, I’m left with disgusting looking brows that are a pain to fill in with just a pencil. That’s where this comes in. I’ll start off with my pencil, but then go in with this product in places that need a bit more TLC to blend. It’s basically just like lose fibers in a bottle, so it fills in patches really nice to look so natural. I’ll then set it with my brow gel, and they look great all day!

SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Micellar Water


This is a bit of a hit and a miss. After every application, my face feels like it’s having an allergic reaction to it or something and immediately turns tingly and bright red. I’m not the only one who has this problem, as the majority of the comments are about this happening to other people. It also doesn’t dry down completely, so your face is left feeling tacky and sticking to your pillows for the rest of the night. However, whenever I use it, I wake up the next day with my skin looking literally so good? I don’t understand. For a product that doesn’t feel like it’s working, or that it’s doing more harm than good, it has amazing results? I’m baffled and confused, and would not recommend this if you have sensitive skin, but if you’re not a wuss, try this out.

NAILS INC. Kensington Caviar Top Coat

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 8.04.55 PM

I don’t know why I’m just now including this in a favorite post, as I’ve literally been using it since Junior year of college (in fact that first time I ordered this was during one of my 9:30am business classes. I passed that class please calm down). It’s the ONLY quick dry top coat I know that lives up to it’s hype. It says 45 second drying time on it, and let me tell you. That’s pretty true. It’s not like 45 seconds and you can go scale Mt. Everest or something, but it is 45 seconds and you can do light activity without worrying about chipping a nail. This has become so important to be, since I seem to not have an hour to dedicate to painting my nails and letting them dry. Plus, even though it has a higher price tag, one bottle will literally last you so long.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you made it this far, treat yourself to a cookie (and tell me all about it, since I won’t be eating sugar and other carby substances for 31 DAYS. Please send your thoughts and prayers). Let me know what things/places/people you’ve been loving this month!

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