What Beauty is Like Behind Prison Bars

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Some of you may have noticed there was no blog post Friday, but most of you probably didn’t. Either way, my life has been really all over the place recently. More specifically, my anxieties have been through the roof and I’ve been trying to keep it all together, but some things just fell a little behind as a result.

However, I need routine in my life to help distract me. One such routine is writing these posts, which I have planned out for literally the rest of the year. So, while I would rather eat a bag of kit kats and cry, I’m going to try and hold it together for a little and write this post. It’s not going to be anything crazy, but it’ll be something, and sometimes that’s all we can ask for!

I spend a lot of time on YouTube, and sometimes I fall down a lot of really weird black holes of videos. But other times YouTube comes through with some really good recommendations. One such recommendation was from Refinery29. It was a part of their series Shady, with this episode entitled, “What Beauty is Like Behind Prison Bars.”

Now, I don’t expect any of you to know this, but I’ve always been fascinated by prison and the whole prison system. It’s a weird thing to be fascinated by, considering the closest I’ve ever been to a prison in my life was when I drove by one once in college. But, nonetheless I’ve always just found it interesting (and total sidenote, growing up I always wanted to marry a convict. Yeah, there’s a lot to unpack there, and we’re not going to do that today).

This fasincation has stayed with me, and in college the majority of my final projects for my social entrepreneurship courses revolved around prison reform. Even now, as I begin to start laying some foundational work for my own business one day, I’m exploring avenues to how I can continue these projects around prison reform. All this is to say that when I saw this video recommendation, I had to click immediately.

Throughout the 16 minute video, the host Lexy Lebsack investigates how beauty has become a symbol for women to uphold their identity in a place built largely by and for men. It’s a world that not many people think about, but just like how beauty has the ability to inspire and built women outside of prison, it has the same effects inside, but also some other not-so-great consequences.

I’m going to let the video speak for itself, but would love to circle back to it, or even start a discussion in the comments below about your thoughts and opinnies about what was presented. I truly love how beauty, and this whole industry and the desire to feel feminine, can bring worlds together so fluidly.

I feel like I’m running the risk of getting copywrited here, but I’m embedding the Refimery29 video below for ya’ll to watch. Most times their things are questionable, but this is one of the times when they released some GAC (good ass content, you’re welcome). Check it out and LMK what you think!!

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