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After what arguably felt like the longest week ever it’s finally Friday and I’m currently sat on a plane on my way down to Orlando. Honestly I was supposed to be on my way out to LA for the World Series to watch my beloved Sox, but ya girl is broke as a joke and doesn’t have the money to be dropping $800+ on the games alone. So, I’m heading on down to Orlando to visit friends, but to more importantly be glued to my phone at 8:00 pm the next two nights.

Anyway, this post isn’t about my stress over the World Series. Rather, this is the post that was supposed to go up LAST Friday, but ya know life got in the way there. If you haven’t been following my fitness posts for a while, then welcome!! I hope this means you’re out here starting your fitness journey! I’ve covered the five best exercises for most muscle groups, so now we’re finally getting around to talking about one of the last ones, the biceps.


I don’t know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with training arms. My biceps/triceps are one of my first places that I grow muscle for some unknown reason. I’ve never carried fat there thankfully, but noticed that the more I trained arms, the bigger they got. I’m sure some of you are wondering why I’m complaining, but it’s because I never mastered the best angles to make it so my arm never looked like a hamhock in pics. It was my constant struggle. So, when I did P.Volve for that month and lost a lot of the muscle in my arms, I’m not gonna lie, I was happy.

However, your biceps are important. There are so many daily functions that involve your biceps because they’re arguably the main muscle of your arm. So, while you may be like me and not want to train arms with any sort of frequency, at some point you should just accept that they’re necessary and live your best life. That’s why I’m here to provide you with the 5 best bicep exercises, as decided by me, your resident fitness professional.

Hammer Curls


I bet you’re surprised I didn’t start with a normal bicep curl. Those are great, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that everyone knows how to do those, and probably does them. Anyway, I much prefer the hammer curl over the traditional bicep curl because I find that it targets the long head of my bicep so much better than a traditional curl. Instead of holding the dumbell parallel to the ground, you’ll grip them perpendicularly and curl up in that position, I guess like you’re hitting a hammer? Yeah idk but these are great. I prefer to do one hand at a time instead of together but do whatever floats your boat.

Cable Preacher Curl


OK I apologize that I don’t have a picture of this one, but I literally saw someone on Instargam do this variation and have been obsessed with it ever since. A traditional preacher curl looks like what are man Frank (that his name now) is doing above, where your upper arms rest on a thingy (the technical term) and you curl up without any help from the rest of your body.

Now, just picture what a cable preacher curl would look like here: you’ll use the single grip attachement on the cable machine, and set it so it’s all the way at the bottom. With one knee up, you’ll rest your upper arm on this knee (like a preacher curl) and then curl the cable head. I prefer this 1000x more than a traditional preacher curl for two reasons. 1. Gyms will literally only ever have one of those preacher curl things, and guys flock to it like moths to a lamp. 2. I prefer working with the resistance that the cable provides since this move is so restricted already.



These ones are a bitch, so I apologize in advance if you try them. Don’t blame me. 21’s are best done with an EZ bar or a barbell, although they can be done with dumbells. For these, you’ll do three different variations of a bicep curl, each variation for 7 reps. The first will be from the bottom of the movement up to your midline (arms at 90 degrees). The next will be from your midline to the top of the movement. The last will be a full bicep curl, bottom to top.

By that last variation your arms should be shaking and you’ll want to die. But don’t die ok? I love throwing these in as a finisher in my arm day workouts because I apparently really hate myelf.

Standing Cable Curl


Using the cable machine is my favorite way to work biceps because it hurts my hands less but also is a great way to build up muscle before completely using barbells and dumbbells. The standing cable curl is a fan favorite of everyone, and is a movement I see in literally every upper body day ever. It’s like a bicep curl with a barbell, except it’s on the cable machine, and for some reason feels so much tougher. Like not to brag or anything but I can curl the 25’s no problem, but for this I can barely curl 10? Witchcraft. You can do it with the straight bar, the rope, or that fun little crooked bar, you know the one I’m talking about.

Rope Curls


Like the cable preacher curl, this one doesn’t have a good picture that goes with it because again I saw someone do it on Instagram once and have added it in ever since. Our man Jared is in a pretty good position for this, except the arms should be extended up at shoulder height instead if down around the waistline. Basically you have the same arm position you would if you were doing an overhead tricep extension, except you’re facing the cable machine and curling the rope in to work the biceps. Please tell me that makes sense. It’s a movement that I really have to focus on contracting my biceps for, so I prefer to take it slower than other movements, but it’s super effective.

That’s all I have for you this week. We’re hitting some hecka turbulence and my computer is about to die so I’m gonna go. Let’s all say some collective prayers for my bae’s the Sox tonight for another win. I’ll catch ya’ll on Monday.

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