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What’s good fam? Hope you’re all having a good Monday or whatever day of the week you’re chosing to read this on. Over the past few months, I’ve been on a quest. It’s a journey some of you can relate to, other’s not so much. I haven’t found what I’m looking for yet, but I’ve gotten pretty damn close. What I’m hunting for is flawless skin. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: I want skin that’s so good I don’t have to wear foundation.

Putting on my foundation takes a solid five miuntes. Does that seem excessive? 100%. AND THAT’S BECAUSE IT IS. On days when I don’t wear foundation I can throw my makeup on in less than 10 minutes. Do you see where I’m going with this? Less time applying foundation means more time sleeping!!!!!!!!

I don’t have the sort of time or money to invest into skincare gurus and facials like these celebs are out here doing, because ya girl is working hecka crazy hours. Instead, I’ve got the internet and a burning passion for Dermalogica to fuel me through this discovery.

Yes, I understand that Dermalogica is esspensive, but let me tell you something. I’ve had the same products for over a year now!!!! I mean like my whole skincare staples, including cleanser, toner, eye cream and moisturizer have stuck with me for OVER 365 DAYS. So yeah I don’t mind paying $38 for an 8.4 ounce cleanser if it’s gonna last me that freaking long. Investments baby.

Ever since I’ve started doing this skincare routine, my skin has looked significantly better. I’m going to assume the remaining redness or occasional spots I see is due to my terrible diet rather than anything else, because I’d rather blame that than genetics. I thought since it’s worked out so well for me, I’d share this routine with all of you! It’s a crazy 9-step routine, so buckle up folks.

Step One: Clearing Skin Wash


This is the first ever Dermalogica product I ever used, and it’s part of their medibac clearing range. It’s their line that’s designed to treat and prevent adult acne, so naturally it’s great for someone like me with acne-prone skin. I apply it in the morning using my Clarisonic and the acne facial head (yes it’s not cruelty-free, I’ve had it for years and just found out recently). Definitely makes my skin feel cleaner than just using my hands.

Step Two: Daily Superfoliant


This was a step I added in recently and definitely helped clear the little cystic acne spots I had on my forehead. This is a daily exfoliant designed to target the surface layer of your skin, like a normal exfoliant would, but also to protect against pollution. Great bonus because New York is chalk full of that shit. My dermatologist will 100% this step is unnecessary given what step three is, but I’ve noticed a differene since adding it in.

Step Three: Daily Resurfacer


Ok this might seem a little redundant to use after already having exfoliated my skin, but just bare with me. My dermatologist explained that the Daily Superfoliant is surface level exfoliation, whereas this is a deeper, chemical exfoliant. However, it’s safe enough to use everyday, hence the word “daily.” They come in little pouches, so you just use one everyday all over your dry face. It’s meant to brighten the skin and help clear up aging and redness. The first few times I used it it did tingle a bit, but then you get used to it. I brush my teeth while I wait for it to fully set into my skin, since you’re not meant to wash it off.

Step Four: Multi-Active Toner


We love toners. If you don’t know already, toner’s help to keep your pH levels balanced on your face in order to help with spots of oilyness or dryness. They also help prep the skin for your moisturizer and to lock everything in, kinda like a setting spray. I love this one because it doesn’t really have a scent, but also doesn’t require the use of a cotton pad to apply, so it’s super easy.

Step Five: Biolumin-C Serum


This is a vitamin c serum, and I’ll be honest with you I don’t know what it does. I had read a few articles over the summer that vitamin c serums are supposed to be really good for your skin, so I ran out to purchase this. According to the product description it’s meant to help brighten and firm the skin. I’m only 23, so my skin hasn’t started to sag under age, so I can’t say if it’s worked or not, but my skin looks great so we’re gonna say big thumbs up. Apply this right after your toner for the full moisture benefits.

Step Six: Skin Hydrating Booster or Breakout Control


Again, this might seem like an excessive step, but I love it. After applying the vitamin c serum, I apply one of these targeted treatments, depending on what I’m doing that day. If I’m going to work I apply the breakout control. It’s amazing for helping to prevent acne without drying the skin out. I only wear it under my foundation because that’s when I’ll usually start to break out, especially if I’m running around the city or work all day. If I’m not planning on wearing makeup, I’ll use the Skin Hydrating Booster, which helps bring back moisture to the skin.

Step Seven: Oil Control Lotion


This is just a fancy way to say moisturizer. It’s also part of the medibac clearing range and really does what it says. A little drop of this goes a long way, and it absorbs super fast. No need to wait around for this to dry before applying your makeup. It also layers really nice over steps five and six, without feeling too sticky or heavy.

Step Eight: Total Eye Care


I’ve been using eye creams since High School. I’m not super worried about lines around my eyes just yet, but better to get ahead of the curve. However, I did used to have some scaly areas around my eyes, which were probably dry patches. This eye cream has definitely helped to add some moisture there, along with adding some increased SPF protection as well. It’s also slightly tinted when it goes on, so like it hides those eye bags too, we love that.

Step Nine: Oil Free Matte SPF30


Finally, we’ve reached the last step. I’m not even sure if this is supposed to be the last step. I tried to find out, but have not come up with any answers. Apparently you’re supposed to apply mineral sunscreens before your moisturizer, and the other kind of sunscreen after? I don’t really know. I make this my last step because I can. It does smell like sunscreen, but that smell doesn’t linger on your face. It’s also not oily at all, and dries down matte. I’ve never been good at applying sunscreen, so I’m hoping this can help a little to start to reverse any sun damage I may have on my face.

So, that’s about it. I know you were all super intrigued to read about this. Maybe once I kick this dairy addiction of mine my skin might actually look as airbrushed as I want it to. Or, I just need to find a sugardaddy who’s willing to finance my skincare quest. Whichever one happens first, I’ll let you know.

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