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It’s LITERALLY freezing here in good ole NYC today. I also walked through the city without shoes on because the shoes I wore to brunch decided they didn’t want to cooperate and gave me the worst blisters. It’s New York though, and people have definitely seen worse.

Besides the weather deciding it wants to skip right past fall and head directly into winter, this week has had some fun new developments. I had yet another TERRIBLE job interview the other day. I definitely think I want to start turning this into a series on here, because I apparently have just the best luck when it comes to job opportunites. LMK if that’s something ya’ll would be interested in.

But, other than that, something fun and fresh also happened this week. COVERGIRL IS NOW CRUELTY FREE. I really hope no one is surprised that I’m talking about this, because it’s literally the basis of this whole blogging thing I’ve got going on for me.

Now, I’ll be honest I was never a HUGE CoverGirl stan before I went cruelty free. They just never really created anything that stood out to me as exciting or revolutionary for my makeup routine. But now that they’re cruelty free I’m so excited to go crazy and spent all my money to hopefully try and change my past opinions.

Obviously this move is so monumental for the beauty industry as a whole for so many reasons. Firstly, and arguably most important, CoverGirl is officially the LARGEST organization to be Leaping Bunny certified through Cruelty Free International. They’re not just claiming they’re cruelty free, they’ve gone out and dedicated time and resources to undergo a rigorous process to PROVE through the leading standard that they’re committed to this change.

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I bet you’re wondering what exactly goes into this certification. Well, I’m here to provide you with answers! Not only does the company have to go through the whole application and approval process, once certified they’re subjected to ongoing independent checks of their supply chain in order to preserve their status. This means that not only is CoverGirl within the United States cruelty-free, but so are it’s affiliates and distributors throughout the world. So we can assume that they’ve pulled out of China, WHICH IS A HUGE BUSINESS DEAL.

I’ve talked about it so many times on here before, but so many companies are choosing to sell in China because of the tremendous amount of market growth that is going on there. I’ve interviewed for a few cosmetics companies before, and this has always come up in conversation. For so many brands, whether they’re newly established or not, China is a formiddible market that many are hesistant to pull out of. I mean hell, even Nars decided to re-enter it shortly after leaving.

So, this certification of CoverGirl as cruelty-free is monumentous because it’ll hopefully set a precedent for other brands. Coty, the owner of CoverGirl, has announced plans to have another major brand certified by 2020. We can only hope that this move by a huge market player will encourage major change. I hope it not only puts pressure on other large brands like L’oreal or Maybelline to follow suit, but also on China and other countries to enact laws against such testing.

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It’s been proven time and time again that animal testing is both unethical and unnecessary. We’re not introducing new chemicals or formulations into makeup products, so there’s not need to test on animals. Also, animals aren’t wearing makeup!? I have not ONCE seen my cats apply lipstick before they leave the house? So why do we have to subject them to tests (Yes I know cats aren’t used in animal testing it was for a joke please don’t drag me).

I’m so elated that CoverGirl has done this, especially since it comes shortly after the announcement that Dove has become cruelty-free certified by Peta (which is definitely still a dicey organization for me, but it’s still a really big step for another HUGE company).

Consumer pressure has already proven that it’s a huge driver for change, and I can’t wait to see the impact that this announcement has on other brands, and which ones will follow in these footsteps. ALSO, hit me with some recommendations of some CG products to try when I get my next paycheck.

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Leaping Bunny Certification Program 

CoverGirl Cruelty Free Announcement 


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