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Ok maybe the title is a bit aggressive, but it be like that sometimes, ya know? I’m truthfully running out of fitness-related things to blog about (and money in my bank account, thanks Cyber Monday), so we’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. I mean the triceps are quite possibly the smallest muscle group out there.

The triceps, any guy’s third favorite muscle group after the chest and biceps, literally only consists of three parts. Peep that educational diagram below, we’re educational and fun around here!


Personally, I hate training my triceps because they grow, and they grow fast. I’m not here to have triceps that won’t fit into my shirt sleeves. And you wanna know what the worst part is? They never have ever once looked defined and sexy! All muscle, no definition. It’s a look I hate.

But, alas, triceps are essential. While they can definitely be trained in compound movements and full-body exercises, some people take the more traditional training route and have split days. Typically I would pair triceps with biceps and make them into super sets with one movement for bi’s followed by one for tri’s. Efficient and effective, and pretty much what every guy does at least once a week. Proven to work.

Anyway, I’m gonna hit you with my five favorite tricep exercises, which also happen to be the five best exercises out there according to science and research. So without futher adieu, let’s jump right in. And as usual there are hunky guys to show you what to do.

Tricep Dip


If you’ve ever done BBG, then you’ve seen a tricep dip. These are a great beginner movement that can be done with any elevated surface and your body weight. In fact, I used to do these all the time while waiting in line at Disney, which may explain why my triceps were always massive. Who knows.

But, if you’re lucky enough to go to a gym with an assisted dip machine, then take advantage of it. I don’t know what it is but every time I use it, my arms are always shaking after. It’s literally adding gravity to your body weight, or any weight you choose, and for some reason it makes it a hecka hard movement. Would recommend.

Overhead Extension


Another classic, that is slightly more advanced then the tricep dip, but not by much. If you’re doing an arm day and you don’t include a tricep extension, did it really happen?! I love to take these at a tempo of two seconds on the descend and eight seconds on the way up to really burn out the muscles. Also, I keep my elbows out at an angle as opposed to pressed by my ears, because that’s when I start to feel it the most.

A great variation of this movement is using the rope attachement on the cable machine, and pulling over your heard while in a slight lunge stance. You know the movement I’m talking about.

Skull Crushers


At no point during this movment should you actually be crushing your skull, but it does make it sound more extreme than it is. In reality you’re laying down on a bench, using either a barbell, an EZ bar, or some dumbbells. Start with your weights of choice held straight up at eye level, and then bend your arms to 90 degrees, lowering the weights BEHIND your head. Don’t let them crush your skull. I repeat, don’t actually crush your skull.

Rope Pushdown


Like the tricep extension, this is another great classic that you’ll always see on arm day. I once had two guys ask me to settle an argument they were having about how to do this exercise properly, so clearly I am your expert here.

I focus on keeping my upper arms glued to my side as I pull the rope straight down from the cable. Then, when I’m at the bottom of the movement I pull my hands out, like our lovely friend Sean is doing above. It’s the best way to add the most amount of tension into your triceps. Give it a whirl, you’ll love it.

Push Ups


No, not normal push-ups. But calling them tricep push-ups would be too obvious. Sometimes women will refer to these as yoga push-ups or pilates push-ups. They’re really a close-grip push-up because of the placement of your hands. You want to make sure your hands are close together, DUH, and that your upper arms are grazing your body as opposed to coming down at 90 degrees like in a traditional push-up. It’s a great movement not so much for beginners, but moreso for lazy people like me to add it into an in-home circuit when you don’t feel like leaving your house.

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