Workout Clothes Round-Up Pt. 3

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Happy Friday! I’ve already been over on this blog how I got rid of all my old VS workout clothes and have to start fresh blah blah blah. Thankfully I’m exposed to literally so much new activewear brands at work, and a pretty decent discount to boot. So, while my paycheck should be going towards things I actually need, I’m spending it all on active wear instead.  I figured now would be as good a time as any to continue trying new brands, since I actually have a reason to spend.

I’m going to warn you though, none of them are affordable. Not even Amazon Core 10 is super affordable anymore. I don’t know what is going on here, but let’s just blame the President. Anyway, I tried out six different athletic brands, some for a long time, other’s for a day, and am going to present you with my thots and opinnies now.


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I’ve talked about this brand before, but they’re amazing. If you’re looking for compression clothing that still looks hecka cute, here ya go. Their seamless leggings, aka the good shit, only comes in two sizes, which sounds shitty at first, but these things are meant to fit like a glove.

I’ve talked about them a few times before on here so I’ll save my characters for other brands, but just know they’re amazing. I got a M/L in both the sports bra and the bottoms, but want to size down in the leggings because they start to fall down during any high cardio activties.

They’re wicked sweat resistance, and are woven with silver to be anti-microbial and odor-blocking. The brand rep said you don’t have to wash them all the time, and boy did I put that to the test. It holds up.

Price: $$$$

Rating: 5/5



Koral is like Alo Yoga’s cooler older sister. I say that because they’re both definitely athleisure brands, but Koral looks better. They’re a brand that’s most known for their liquid leggings that are 100% more for sitting at coffee shops than it is for spin class. However, the rest of their workout lines are pretty great.

I’ve tried two different leggings and a sports bra from them, which matched one of the pants. That set makes me feel like a new car. They’re really high waisted and nice, and surprisingly hold up really well to jumping and throwing weights around. The sports bra not so much. But I don’t know what I expected from something that is so low-cut on either side I couldn’t tell the front from the back without the tags on.

While I love the sex appeal and attitude this company brings in their clothes, save them from your days of cardio or light weights.

Price: $$$

Rating: 4/5


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I like Varley, but I’m also confused by them. We have this one set at work that is purple Zebra printed and makes me want to never work out ever again. It’s hideous. I don’t know how a company that designed the most amazing marble-printed sets could design something so atrocious, but alas here we are.

Their leggings are just barely squat proof, where I definitely wouldn’t select them for my lower-body days, even if I chose one of their darker prints. The sports bras are really good quality, and offer just the right amount of compression to where I’m not bouncing around when I try and do a jump squat. Stick with the marble sets and you’ll look great.

Price: $$$

Rating: 3.5/5

Beach Riot

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I don’t mean to sound rude here, but Beach Riot is confused. When I first heard of this company I thought it was a line of swimsuits sold at Pac Sun, not a company trying to pass as an activewear brand. But no, you can’t go swimming in their half-assed attempt at a sports bras. Those things are better equipped for skinny-mini’s in LA who want to go the club and have recently developed a love for street style.

I did not take this set out of the fitting room, because if I moved even a millimeter I risked exposing a nipple to the entire world. Cute but thank you, next! The pants on the other hand left me a little confused.

They feature a cross-wasit, which is supes flattering because it still sucks you in, but allows you room to move. Plus, they’re surprisingly squat-proof. But that’s about all the good I can offer you. They barely fit up my calves, were too lose in the thighs, and offered no sort of compression at all. Active wear brand my ass.

Price: $$$$

Rating: 1/5


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No. Just no. Absolutely not. This was another brand I couldn’t wear out of the fitting room. I don’t even know why I tried it on. Absolutely terrible.

If you don’t know about Terez, think of what a pair of leggings would look like of Toys R Us (RIP) exploded. There ya go. They’re known for their absurdly pattered leggings in obnoxious colors, and now they’re even creating sports bras to match.

The leggings are see-through. All of them. Even the black ones. I could see my whole thigh through them. The sports bra’s aren’t much better, and offer nothing in the way of support. They cut in really high on the chest too, so there’s major top and side boob happening there. Don’t know what activity these are good for, but if you figure it out let me know.

Price: $$$

Rating: 1/5

P.E Nation

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Let’s end it on a good note shall we?! P.E Nation is the newest addition to my work out clothing collection, and let me just say I’m in love. They don’t hold as much compression as the LNDR leggings do, and they’re the traditional spandex material, but boy are they flattering.

The leggings all fit differently, which was a weird concept to me. I purchased two pairs, one of which fit like a glove, the other which suffocated my calves so painfully. The latter pair also was susceptible to holding onto fingerprint marks anytime I went to go pull them up, which was often since they don’t have an elastic waist.

They’re 1000% squat-proof, but much like every pricey legging on this list does not feature any sort of pocket. Guess the type of person who buys any of these brands is the type to carry a purse to the gym?

The sports bras run big, but if I sized down I think I would be risking a big case of under-boob. It’s a complicated idea, but I would not recommend any sort of HIIT in these bras. Other than that, I’m in love.

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.5/5

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