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Happy Friday, and Happy (almost) Christmas to those who celebrate! This holiday szn is gonna be harder than most, because I recently got some life-changing news. Excuse the dramatics, but this is who I am. A few weeks ago I took the Everlywell Food Sensitivity at home test, which apparently was featured on Shark Tank because it’s all over their branding.

Now, before I talk about my experience with this test, it’s important to understand that this isn’t an allergy test, and it’s not attempting to analyze food groups or potential allergens within a diet. Rather, it’s giving the user a guideline for 96 food groups to give them an idea of what may need to be eliminated from an existing diet. It’s to help the average human understand their diet better and what may be causing potential upsets.

Should you go and see an allergist if you want a better understanding? Yes, but I still think this test is really interesting for everyday information, which is why I wanted to share my experience with it. I know that not everyone is as invested in nutrition or whatever as I am, but I still think it’s interesting information to know.

Basically what happened was I ordered the test on Amazon, along with their metabolism test (which I don’t really understand the results of, except for the fact that I have a normal metabolism so it kinda feels like a waste of money, but that’s not what this is about). I mentioned it in my holiday gift guide, but it’s not available in a few states, one of which includes New York, so I had it sent to my home is Massachusetts.

It’s a simple finger-prick test that can be done at any point during the day, which is nice because unlike their metabolism test, you don’t have to worry about when you’ve last eaten or drank. The idea of having to prick your own finger may not appeal to some people, but the lancers they give are really easy to use, so I found it super user friendly.

They include a card with the kit that you’re supposed to collect 5 drops of blood on, and then you’re done. Simple as that. They include packing and shipping materials, so all you have to do is take it to the postal service, and wait for your results. Once my kit was picked up, I had my results in about 10 days.

Like I said before, this Food Sensitivity kit tests 96 different foods that exist within the common Western diet, and rates them on some scale that I don’t really understand, but I think it’s from 0 to 1? The rankings divide the foods into categories of high reactivity, moderate reactivity, mild reactivity, and low reactivity. The closer the number to 1, the higher the reactivity. Easy peasy.


I tested high for 1 type of food, moderate for 6 types, mild for 17, and low for the remaining 72. The foods I tested highest for are the foods I love the best, including peanuts, dairy (cheddar cheese, milk, mozzarella cheese), and gluten. Also eggs, soybeans, black peppers, basil, peas, blueberries, coffee, oregano, and kale.

I’m not upset about most of those, because like fuck kale and blueberries. BUT PEANUTS, GLUTEN, AND DAIRY?! That’s my ENTIRE DIET. But, it was interesting to see some of my assumptions confirmed.

I always felt shitty after eating meals heavy in dairy, but that never stopped me because I love cheese so much. Also, I knew that my body didn’t really react to gluten or carbs that well, since I always lost a lot of weight when I cut that out of my diet, but I love pasta too much to stop. And peanuts, that one really threw me for a loop because????

So yes, I love pretty much everything it said I was pretty reactive to, and while I could just say fuck it and move on, I’ve decided to turn a new leaf and start making changes in my diet. I’m not doing the elimination diet fully, but I’m doing my best. It’s really easy to find substitutes for things like eggs or gluten when I prepare foods myself at home, but when I go out for meals it’s a little harder.

Especially this whole gluten free/dairy free life. I’m not trying to be a vegan just yet, but those seem to be the only menu options that fit that description. And also salads, but I would rather saw off my own leg than eat salads (I’M KIDDING, I like both of my legs where they are, but truly hate salads).

I just ordered their extension kit to test for another 88 foods, so we’ll see what more bad news that test brings.

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