How to Clean Makeup Brushes

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Merry Christmas Eve Ya’ll!! Thanks to the magic of scheduling posts, at this very moment I’m definitely curled up with a cup of dairy free, gluten free, egg free, nut free hot chocolate watching Eloise at Christmastime, which is hands down my favorite christmas movie out there. I’m also probably sneaking into the kitchen when my mom isn’t there to steal some christmas cookies.

What I’m definitely not doing is anything remotely productive, even though I have loads of coursework to catch up on and things to plan for the New Year, but that’s future me’s problem. I’m also definitely not cleaning my makeup brushes, but if I were, that would make this post even more topical.

I had a friend, the some one who asked about foam rolling, ask me about washing makeup brushes. Now, I’m no expert because I definitely only clean my brushes at least once a month if I’m lucky, but I do know a thing or two about how to really clean those babies. May I present to you the three best ways to clean different types of brushes, including everyone’s favorite new tool the BeautyBlender.

How to Clean Your Makeup Sponges

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I’ve got two words for you; Bar. Soap. I will not be taking any questions at this time. I’m sure you’ve seen Pinterest or YouTube “hacks” about cleaning a makeup sponge with dish soap or in a microwave or some other nonsense, but don’t listen to them. Bar soap is the only acceptable way to clean your makeup sponges and I don’t care what anyone says.

BeautyBlender itself has their own solid soap, but it’s hella esspensive, so I’ve gone the cheap route these days and invested in like solid bars of face soap, which work just as well!

The best way to clean them is to saturate them with water, and rub in circular motions along the bar of soap so that the soap soaks into the sponge. Then I’ll run it under the faucet again and squeeze it out until the water no longer runs the color of my foundation.

Also, apparently you’re supposed to replace your makeup sponges every few months?! Sounds like a capitalist scheme to me, but it makes sense because I have noticed my older sponges don’t clean as well, and I don’t want to be putting old gunk and bacteria onto my face, and neither should you!

How to Clean Your Brushes


This one may be controversial (probably not contoversial at all), but hang onto your seatbelts folks. I personally believe the best way to clean your makeup brushes is with a liquid soap and some sort of spiked mat. The one that I have is from Real Techniques, and their cleaner, which retails at $9.99, is usually on a buy one get one half off sale at Ulta! But, any liquid brush cleaner will work I suppose.

I’ve tried a bunch of different cleaners, including the Cinema Secrets one that you just dip your brush into and wipe it off, but nothing seems to clean them as well as using a exfoliating mat. I have a brush that I use for cream contour that literally NEVER looked clean until I started using this method,

My personal favorite way to clean my normal brushes (aka not sponges), is to wet them in warm water, squeeze the soap onto the mat, swirl the brush around on the mat until I see the soap starting to turn a different color. Then I’ll run the brush under warm water again to squeeze it out, and either lay them flat or hang them upside down to dry.

NEVER stand them right-side up to dry because the water drips into the quick and errods the glue!!!!!!!!

How to Clean if You’re Lazy


Eyyyy, this is definitely the category I fall into most days of my life, which is why I’m about to change your lives. I’m not sure how many of you remember but maybe back in 2015/2016 there was a surge of videos around the holiday time of beauty YouTubers talking about this nifty little thing called a Lilumia.

To make a long story short, the Lilumia was a revolutionary machine that cleaned your makeup brushes FOR YOU. That’s right folks. Takes out all the unnecessary time of having to clean your brushes yourself. It had mixed reviews back then, but I still got it for Christmas and have been obsessed with it.

Since then, a few other brands have come out with machines along the same line, but not as cool. Most notably is the one that you stick a single brush into and it spins it clean, you know the one I’m talking about. The Lilumia is so much more time efficient and actually really cleans your brushes, but only specific ones since the tray you stick the brushes into is pretty picky about the ones that it will take. Anyway, I love it and definitely recommend this route if you don’t give a damn.

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