I Tried Monat Haircare For a Month: Honest Review

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Listen. I think I’ve entered a completely different universe right now. I got home from inventory at 2:30am this weekend, and then didnt’ go to sleep until 5am because I thought it was a good idea to watch TV instead. Then I slept until noon on Sunday, and haven’t felt the same until I’ve woken up, so that’s new and exciting!

Recently I’ve been trying out some new haircare products this last month. I FINALLY ran out of my Function of Beauty products (16 oz last a LONG time), and had had a friend reach out about this company she’s working for. As I’m sure you can guess, that company is Monat. She reached out because they’re a cruelty free and vegan haircare company, and she knows that those align with my values, so I was interested.

Monat (a combination of the words Modern Nature) is essentially the Mary Kay of the hair world. In the vaguest of ways I’d really call it a pyramid scheme. I don’t know how it all started, but basically people recruit others to pay a fee and join the organization to then sell the products and recruit others. I did this in college VERY briefly for a health care company, and man it really isn’t a great business model, but some people love it, so to each their own.

Because I’m not the greatest at saying no, I decided to give in. Your rep, or whoever is trying to recruit you, asks you a few questions about your hair and your hair goals, similar to what Function of Beauty does but on a much more basic level. Then, once they have those answers they recommend some products to you. Now, I don’t know if they fill out a form that generates these results or if they just pick all willy-nilly. I’ll never know.

The produts recommended to me were the Renew Shampoo ($35.00 for 8 oz) and the Intense Repair Treatment Conditioner ($47.00 for 6 oz). That’s twice as much as I paid for Funtion of Beauty but with half of the product! Not a great start, but I had to give it a chance because I’m too cheap to spend money on products I already have.

Both products are supposedly infused with this “Rejuvenique” ingredient, which is an oil (or what they call an “elixir”) patented by Monat that is supposed to be like a holy-grail oil for hair, skin, whatever. But, speaking of ingredients, the list for each product is about a mile long, full of words I can’t even BEGIN to comprehend. I legitmately took the time to google each and every one of the ingredients listed because I wanted to be an informed consumer, but that idea is scary. I like to be able to PRONOUNCE the ingredients in my products, let alone know what they do without having to look into cosmetic encylopedias.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 5.47.17 PM

The shampoo and conditioner both claim to help with hair growth and UV damage, which is good, but they trademarked all the key ingredients in the products, which seems highly sus to me, and apparently to a lot of other people, too.

Once I purchased these products, I did some googling, after googling all the ingredients, and my god were the results interesting. This past year, a class-action suit was filed against Monat with the defendants claiming significant hair loss and scalp irritation, everything which Monat claims their products prevent AGAINST. There are also hundreds of news articles, which I’ll link some below,  and videos from former Monat reps talking out about their experience with this company and their products.

As a one-time user of this brand, I’ve not had any bad business/customer service issues with this brand, but it’s still so telling what sort of company this is, and super unfortunate that it’s wronged so many people.

But, with all of this said, I did try their products for a week, and am ambivalent quite frankly. After the first time I used ther haircare system, my hair felt great. It didn’t feel weighed down or matted, but just nice and refreshed. Truthfully the most annoying adjustment about having to use the whole system was that you have to shampoo TWICE, and leave the shampoo on for 2-3 minutes before washing it off. I don’t know why, and frankly it’s a waste of my precious shower time.

The second time I washed my hair, I used the shampoo as directed, but used my VERB hair mask instead, since my hair needed the TLC. This was a TERRIBLE decision. It seems as if the Monat products can only be used together, and not with other shampoos/conditioners/products. I left the treatment on for 7 minutes, the recommended time, and still had hecka bad knots in my hair that took ages to comb out.

When I continued to use this system, I didn’t see any drastic changes. I wouldn’t say I saw a lot of hair fallout, at least not anything out of the ordinary. But, I just kept thinking about the strange differences in my hair between using their conditioner versus using the VERB treatment. Why was my hair smooth with the Monat conditioner but gross with the VERB? Made no sense.

However, my hair still felt fine. Texture-wise nothing crazy happened. My waves didn’t get any sexier, and if anything I definitely noticed more flyaways. But, it didn’t start to feel damaged after blow-drying or straightening, which was nice. Although, I did start to notice that my hair needed to be washed more frequently with this system. With Function of Beauty I could go 3-4 days without my hair looking or feeling greasy. On Monat I had to wash it every other day to keep it feeling normal, which is really asking a lot of me.

I was thankful that I didn’t experience any dramatic symptoms like the individuals in the Civil Action suit, but also didn’t feel like these products lived up to what they were claiming. They’re 100% gimicy, and are dependent on each other to work together, so don’t you even think about trying to mix and match with other products.

Am I blown away? No. Would I recommend Monat products? No. There are so many better products you can spend your money on that won’t potentially leave you going bald!

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  1. I actually have some friends that sell monat, and while I was considering it, just so I can support them, I was more than reluctant. I’m glad you wrote this review, because I don’t feel like i’m missing out on anything! Especially if you have to use their products together for it to work, which is super weird? Great post xxx

    Melina |

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