5 Easy & Healthy Meals to Make

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We’re back to the regularly schedule content after yesterday’s post. But when work calls, you gotta answer, right? Anyway, today I wanted to share my favorite healthy recipies for all occasions.

I don’t know about you, but when I find a recipe that I like, I tend to go back to it over and over again. I mean I’ve literally been eating the same meal for breakfast for over a year now. But, I REALLY hate to cook. I mean like really, really hate it.

I would rather throw things into my crockpot and let it do all the work than have to actually cook. That’s why all the recipes I’ll be featuring today are SO simple. In fact they all take less than 30 minutes of hands-on cook time. If that’s not incredible I don’t know what is.

Since I’m not actually a chef or all that creative, I’m not going to be featuring the ACTUAL recipes. Instead I’m just gonna link you to the original bloggers/crafty food people because they can do a much better job of explaining everything. If you want to dig around for some other good food recipies, you can find them on my pinterest board here.

Bone Apple Teeth!

Breakfast: Rice Cakes & Berries


This is what I make for breakfast everyday, and it’s the only one that doesn’t actually have a recipe. Let me talk you through this beauty. Basically, take your rice cakes of choice (I’ve been digging the Lundberg Cinnamon Toast Rice Cakes) and lay them on a plate. Bam, step one done.

Next, take your nut butter of choice. I go almond butter because I can’t have peanut butter, but anything works. Slather those rice cakes up. Then, I had a little dollop of Nutella in the middle for a surprise.

Step three, add your  berries. I go for strawberries and raspberries. Usually three strawberries and a handful of raspberries are good to fill up both cakes, but you can go crazy here. They’re the definition of quick and easy, and also healthy!

36g Carbs; 9.44g Proteins; 6.5g Fats; 230.5 Total Calories

Lunch: Honey Sriracha Glazed Meatballs & Rice


One of my all-time favorite meal-prep recipies. The meatballs aren’t spicy at all, since it’s sriracha, but have just a nice little kick to wake you up during the lunch time crash. I pair it with one cup of brown rice and a serving of brocoli, to get the macros listed below.

Find the recipe here.

69.9g Carbs; 25.6g Proteins; 13.8g Fats; 515 Total Calories

Dinner: One Pan Honey Lemon Chicken & Asparagus


If you don’t have a crockpot/slow cooker then it really doesn’t get any easier than a one pan meal. I mean you literally use ONE PAN to cook an entire meal. Plus, it’s a great way to meal prep, especially if one recipe uses the stove and the other uses the over (that’s a fun tip for you. The lemon balances great with the asparagus, so it’s a really good blend of flavors.

Find the recipe here.

23g Carbs; 25g Proteins; 3g Fats; 215 Total Calories

Dessert: No Bake Blondies


I have a bad habit of heading to Magnolia Bakery whenever work is slow and picking up some blondies for my co-workers to get us through the day. This, however, is my favorite “healthy” alternative to kick my sweet tooth. They taste just like a regular blondie but with way less guilt.

Find the recipe here.

22.9g Carbs; 4.6g Proteins; 6.6g Fats; 159 Total Calories 

Snack: Cinnamon Apple Chips


These ones are a bit of a trick, since they take 3 hours to cook, but it’s so worth it. Literally you place sliced apples onto a tray and let the oven do the rest. Plus, the results are magical it’s so worth it. You can definitely double up on this recipe because if you’re anything like me, these chips will be gone in a flash.

Find the recipe here.

33.1g Carbs; 0.7g Proteins; 0.4g Fats; 122 Total Calories

That’s it from me today! If you try any of these recipes, let me know. Or, if you have any favorite go-to recipes you want to share, go ahead and drop them in the comments and I’ll check them out.

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