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I just finished painting my nails, so typing is a bit hard right now. As such, I’m going to kepe this baby short and sweet. I’m continuing on the trend from last week of healthy foods.

As a nutrtionist, I know the words “healthy” can be a eye-catching. But it feels like a lot of things are labeled or considered to be “healthy” when they really aren’t. Plus, now that it’s 2019 everyone thinks that they have the best advice or best ideas of what other people should be eating.

I hear it a lot at work since all the girls I work with are trying to get in shape. It’s frustrating because I don’t want to have to whip out the “I’m a personal trainer and nutritionist” cards, but like some of the suggestions that come out of these peoples’ mouths are RIDICIULOUS. Like I mean it in the best possible way but they can be idiots sometimes.

I thought, since I’ve studied this for a few years now, I would help out my friends and fellow people trying to make sustainable choices in their lives and hit ya’ll with a list of my favorite healthy snacks to recommend. These are great for a little pick-me-up throughout the day, or something to snack on while you binge watch the latest Netflix show with minimal regret.

Pepperoni/Cold Cuts


These are what got me through the Keto Diet, and most of my cutting phases in college. Pepperoni and Cold Cuts on average have 0 carbs, super low fats, but are a really great course of protein, so you’ll feel sustained after a serving size. It may feel weird and a bit barbaric to eat them not on a sandwhich or anything, but just work past that. You can also pair them with cheese or veggies in a roll-up fashion if you’re feeling a bit fancy.

Cheese Sticks


I can’t eat these anymore, because I gave up dairy, but cheese sticks were my favorite post-workout snack. I googled cheese sticks and got so many pictures of mozzarella sticks, which this clearly is not. Like the pepperoni/cold cuts mentioned before, cheese sticks aka string cheese apparently, have low calorie count, low fats, NO carbs, and pack a good source of protein. Definitely gonna keep my eye out for some vegan alternatives in the future.

Greek Yogurt


Greek yogurt is great, we should all be tired of this by now. However, I have an alternative that really spices up the normal yogurt. Take a spoonful of peanut butter and mix it in with your yogurt. Then, sprinkle in some crushed nuts of your choice (I prefer walnuts), and some honey. It’s a healthier twist of a cookie dough I used to have all the time. It has a sweet taste that satisfies my sweet-tooth without sending me to the dentist with cavities after.



I recently discovered these things called Cotton Candy Grapes and have since been obsessed with grapes ever since. I’m not sure if there’s a season for them, but I try to always have grapes in my fridge, just like my mom does. They’re a bit higher in carbs than most of the other options here, due mainly to their natural sugar, but I still love a handful of these to stress-eat during scary movies.

Smoked Salmon


This may be as weird as the cold cuts but I literally eat smoked salmon on its own. No lemon or capers or bagel to go with it. Just straight up smoked salmon. This used to be my first stop after the gym, just one entire package of smoked salmon. I definitely have a problem that I should get checked out. It’s packed with healthy fats and Omega 3’s, and obviously is an incredible source of protein, too. I know people who roll it up with some cream cheese, but I would say do it plain, like a freak.



Of all the fruits, berries are going to be your lowest in carbohydrates per serving. I have berries everyday. Well just strawberries and raspberries because the other ones suck, but they’re great. My first week on the Keto Diet I would do a bowl of these bad boys with some whipped cream, but that’s not exactly all that healthy so don’t do that. But, a serving of both is a great and easy post-dinner snack.

Apple “Cookies”


Apple. Cookies. Enough said. There are so many different ways to make apple cookies it’s insane. My favorite way is just with some almond butter and honey drizzled on top, but you can get creative and add all sorts of toppings. Nuts, coconut shreds, chocolate chips if you’re feeling indulgent. Go with whatever your heart desires! It’s a great way to spice up an otherwise boring apple (sorry apples).

Whole Wheat Bread with PB, Cinnamon & Apple


If you’ve got a little bit more time on your hand to prepare a snack, this is my absolute favorite. Ya take some bread, I go with gluten free whole grain but you can choose whatever you want. Throw it in the toaster so it gets all golden brown. Spread some nut butter on it. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Chuck some sliced apples on top. Voila! SNACK. It hits all the sense, savory, sweet..whatever else there is!

So there ya have it, my eight favorite “healthy” snacks, whatever that means these days! They’re all mostly low in carbs but pack a great source of protein to help keep you feeling satisfied longer, but also help your body stay strong to kick some serious ass everyday.

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