I Drank 70 oz of Water Every Day for A Month

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Back in December I was running out of ideas for things to blog about. Big surprise there. So, I did what they taught me in college and asked people around me what they wanted me to blog about. One of my friends (shouts out you know who you are) wanted to know if drinking a boatload of water really worked as a miracle cure for fixing all of life’s issues.

Just kidding. She wanted to know if drinking a boatload of water really had as many positive benefits on the skin as all these articles were claiming. Like the scientist that I am, I took that challenge and put it to the test for one whole ass month. Below I present to you my HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC findings, complete with ugly pics that I’m 100% going to regret ever putting on the internet.

There seems to be a lot of discrepenacies in exactly how much water you should be drinking a day. The widely agreed upon amount is 60 oz per day. However, I’ve seen some articles popping up recently that say you should really be drinking at least half of your body weight in ounces, so that’s what I went with. When I started this, I was around 140 lbs, which meant 70 ounces per day. BOY OH BOY.

Here’s what I looked like bright and early at 9am January 1st, 2019 (prepare your eyeballs):

IMG_4160 2

Beautiful, I know. To help myself track accurately that I was getting enough water, I downloaded a free water tracking app, but made sure it tracked in ounces. For some unknown reason, all of my devices apparently are set for Australia (lowkey think I was hacked????), so the first few apps I tried were all measuring in mililitres and have to do those conversions everyday was just not gonna happen.

When I started, I didn’t think this was going to be too difficult. The glasses I use to drink water are already 17 oz, and I have a 22 oz tumbler that I keep with my at work to drink throughout the day. I was confident it was going to be easy peasy lemon squeezy. I WAS WRONG.

Each day I started by drinking one glass of water with my breakfast. 17 oz down, 53 more to go. At work I would fill up my tumbler at the start of my shift, but this is where things got a little difficult. I would be running around the store all day that I would barely remember to drink. At any other job I had I would be able to go through the 22oz at least twice, but apparently not here. However, at the end of my shift I would force myself to finish whatever was left to make sure I got the full 22oz. Then was left to chug whatever remaining ounces were left at home before getting to bed.

Somedays were definitely easier than others. The hardest days were the ones when I didn’t work because I would just sit in my apartment all day and forget to drink. But, thirty days later I completed the experiement. Here are my findings, in picture form.


Did I notice anything drastic? Absolutely not. My skin didn’t look magically clearer after drinking 70 oz of water everyday. I definitely felt THIRSTIER the more into the experiment I got, but that’s really about it.

To be honest, before I started this whole thing I wasn’t super hopeful I would have amazing results. I had a facial in December and while my aesthetician agreed that drinking water IS good, your skin is the last place to get water, so she recommended having a solid skincare routine in place instead of just relying on water alone as some cure.

It was also January when I tried this, so the air was naturally dryer than typical, meaning any moisturizing benefits I may have seen from water more likely than not just evaporated out of my face thanks to the winter air.

So yeah, you definitely should drink water, but it’s not some magical cure that will fix all of your problems. It will probably just fix most of your problems. But still continue to clean your face everyday.

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