Makeup Kit Essentials for Beginners

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ANYWAY. I have some people in my life who are looking to get into makeup, but have no idea where to start. It’s 2019 now and that means there are about a billion and one different options for the smallest thing, like eyebrow gel. Plus, you have everyone on YouTube throwing out names for different products they swear by. It can be pretty daunting.

Well fear not friends, I’m here to help. Today I’m going to break down a no nonsense guide for building your makeup kit. This is the barebones essentials of what I think you should spend your coin on. Other people may tell you different things but they’re all lying.


Some people don’t believe in primer, and those people are WRONG. Yes everyone should have a good moisturizer, but this is makeup we’re talking about, not skincare. I believe primer is the root of any good face day. It also cuts out really the need to have setting sprays or powders. If you get a primer that does it’s job correctly, you won’t need to worry about your makeup moving throughout the day.

Try These:


Controversially some people would recommend a BB Cream or a Tinted Moisturizer along with a concealer for a beginning. I beg to differ. Like a good primer, if you get a good concealer you don’t need to worry about figuring out which one of the trillions of foundations/creams out there works best for you. You should start with just one that matches your complexion, but can venture into shades lighter and darker to add depth to your face when you feel like getting more advanced.

Try These:


You know makeup has progressed when someone is recommending a highlighter in a beginners makeup kit, but just hear me out here. Instead of worrying about trying to learn how to contour your face, just dab some highlighter onto your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, and along your forehead and you’re good to go. It’s like reverse contouring, but 1000 times easier. Just remember not to go overboard, disco balls aren’t cute.

Try These:


Bronzer’s are so multi-purpose now. You can use them around the outside of your face and neck to add color and chisel out your features once you start becoming more comfortable with makeup. But, you can also use them as an eyeshadow. Products like highlighter and bronzer can be use on the eyelids too, so you can save some time and money while you grow your skills.

Try These:


If I could only live with one makeup product for the rest of my life it would be mascara. While many people won’t use mascara on a day to day basis, it’s an incredible thing to have for nights when you’re going out to create a dramatic look. I LOVE darker eyes, and mascara is a great way to not only emphasis your lashes, but if you can get it close enough to the root it doubles as an eyeliner too!

Try These:

Eyebrow Gel

It doesn’t need to be tinted or have fibers in it or anything, but trust me when I say eyebrow gel is key. I don’t care if your eyebrows are the most perfect things to exist on this planet, they still need to be tamed. Your whole face can be thrown off if your eyebrows are unkempt, trust me.

Try These:


This doesn’t need to be an everyday staple, but like mascara I think it’s important to have a good lipstick for any special occasions. You don’t need to go over board and have a bright red or pink. Rather, you can opt for something more subtle that matches your natural lip color. Just treat yourself to something nice to spice up date nights.

Try These:

Beauty Sponge

I love beauty sponges and you should, too. If there is one tool you need to do your entire face, it’s this. Use it to apply anything, and yes I do mean anything. The best part of a beauty sponge is that they’re basically a built-in eraser since they soak up any excess product you may have accidentally used, preventing you from going too clown-mode on the people.

Try These:


Recently I got my credit card stuck in a skeeball machine because I was drunk and forgot about the concept of cash. Some man asked my friend why didn’t she have tweezers to help me. Tweezers save lives. They can apply falsies, pluck unwanted facial hair, and even help you apply a straight line with your eyeliner. Magic.

Try These:

Eyelash Curler

Even if you’re not opting to wear mascara, get an eyelash curler. Curling your eyelashes will make you look more awake, and can even give off the appearance of you wearing mascara anyway. That’s a good hack for ya.

Try These:


One time I snapped my eyebrow pencil in half and didn’t have a spooly to use so my brows looked a hot mess. Learn from my mistakes, buy a spooly. They also help to groom your eyebrows before applying any product so you can get them into the shape you want. Alternatively, you can get a lash comb that will allow you to comb out any clumps, but that can also be used through your brows, although definitely more painful.

Try These:

Blending Brush

Sometimes a beauty sponge just isn’t an option. Maybe you’re traveling and don’t want to put a wet sponge into a closed pouch. Or, the products you chose just don’t react well with it. Whatever it may be, a blending brush is a must-have as a backup tool in case anything disastrous goes wrong.

Try These:

Crease Brush

While you CAN use your fingers to apply products onto your eyelids, a crease brush is the more sanitary way to do so. Dip the brush in your bronzer and sweep that into your crease for an effortless eye look that you can top off with some highlight to really make it pop!

Try These:

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  1. you gave such great recommendations! I love the too faced hangover primer, haven’t had the chance to try the other two, but I have heard good things about them. In terms of concealer, I love the Tarte and the Too Faced! I have the colourpop one, but I think I like the makeup revolution one better. I have never used any of the mascaras you use, but Tati from youtube loves the Essence ones! Great post, perfect for beginners like you said! xxx

    Melina |

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