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Is it just me or has February been dragging on? It’s the shortest month of the year and yet somehow it always feels like the longest. It’s also by far the coldest. Like I understand I live in New York and all but I’m pretty sure that groundhog didn’t see his shadow this year, so like Spring where ya at?

We’ve taken a few weeks to hit some new and exciting things, but now I thought I’d get back to my makeup collection series. Would this be better suited for a video format? Oh 100%, but I can barely keep up with a blogging schedule at this point, there’s no way I could do videos, too. So, we’re keeping it to written word.

Anyway, today’s my eyeliner collection. Do I wear eyeliner on a daily basis? Literally no. But, do I happen to own literally every single eyeliner that Urban Decay has ever released? Yes, because as we’ve seen I have a problem, and this series has just helped to make that abundantly clear. Let’s just dive right in, shall we?

Urban Decay

Top Row: Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner ($22 each): Zodiac, Bump, Dark Force, Intergalactic, Goldrush, Space Cowboy, Retrograde, Deep End, Cuff, Perversion, Street, Chaos, Kush, Revolver, Fireball, Push, Snakebite, Demolition
Bottom Row: 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil ($21 each): Black Velvet, Uzi, Baked, Ransom, Perversion, Stray Dog, Bourbon, Rockstar, Perversion, Corrupt, Mildew, Binge, Electric

Cost Per Use: Zodiac ($22.00), Bump ($22.00), Dark Force ($22.00), Intergalactic ($22.00), Goldrush ($22.00), Space Cowboy ($22.00), Retrograde ($7.33), Deep End ($7.33), Cuff ($22.00), Perversion ($0.37), Street ($22.00), Chaos ($22.00), Kush ($22.00), Revolver ($22.00), Fireball ($22.00), Push ($11.00), Snakebite ($11.00), Demolition ($22.00), Black Velvet ($0.53), Uzi ($0.53), Baked ($0.35), Ransom ($0.70), Perversion ($21.00), Stray Dog ($21.00), Bourbon ($4.20), Rockstar ($21.00), Perversion ($0.30), Corrupt ($2.10), Mildew ($0.53), Binge ($0.47), Electric ($0.30)

Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath Dual-Ended Marker ($21), Smudgeliner Eye Kohl ($21)

Cost Per Use: Dual-Ended Marker ($21.00), Smudgeliner Eye Kohl ($21.00)


Colourpop Gel Creme Liner ($5 each): Dirty Talk, Fast Lane, Swerve

Cost Per Use: Dirty Talk ($2.50), Fast Lane ($5.00), Swerve ($5.00)


Kat Von D Liner X ($20), Marc Jacobs Highliner Midnight in Paris ($25), BareMinerals Round the Clock ($17)

Cost Per Use: Kat Von D Liner X ($1.25), Marc Jacobs Highliner Midnight in Paris ($8.33), BareMinerals Round the Clock ($0.19)

Total Spent: $788

Total Cost Per Use: $460.31

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