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I wasn’t going to do this post. I thought we could leave this series behind in 2018 and start some fresh and new ideas in 2019. But no. I don’t have any fresh and new ideas, so here we are.

We’re also talking about my least favorite body part to train in the whole wide world. That’s right. Today we’re talking about the abs aka the abdominals.

Your abs are basically comprised of what I can only describe in the easiest way as a few different layers of muscles. Like lasagna of your body. There’s your external obliques, your side abs, as your outer layer. Then the internal obliques and your main abs (ya know the ones that help with your six packs). Finally, on the real interior of your body you have MY favorite part of your abs, the transverse abdominis.

If you really want to know the BEST way to tone your abs (besides your nutrition) it’s to just suck in your stomach all the time. You should feel a deep pulling in your stomach, which is your transverse abdominis activating. As your deeper stabilizing muscle, it’s basically the blueprint to all good things with your abs and posture.

But, I know you didn’t come here for that, even though it’s the only secret you should care about. You want to know the best way to get a flat stomach. It’s nutrition. BUT, if you’ve already got that on lock, then there are the five best exercises to start sculpting out your six pack.

Russian Twists

The best way to test your balance, but also get your obliques working. Before you start picking up the tempo on these, I like to start slow to make sure I’m engaging my core but also twisting enough to engage the obliques. You can add a medicine ball or a dumbbell/kettlebell if you like a little extra challenge, but don’t let the added weight drag you around!

Ab Bike

Back when I used to do pilates religiously, this was my favorite ab move of all time. It gets the whole system working. If you can’t quite get the motion or want to start at an easier level, place your hands under your butt and just focus on the legs to begin with.

Mountain Climbers

There are 8001 different variations for the mountain climber. You can add these into a HIIT workout and really pick up the tempo, or even try them on the TRX machine if you’re feeling more adventurous. A recent favorite of mine has been a decline mountain climber to really engage your shoulders and abs at the same time!


A staple. A classic. The best ab exercise of all time. Even on days when I physically refuse to do any other workouts I still try and get a 1 minute forearm plank in to build some core. There are also a boatload of fun variations to try with this once you get the basics down.


The jackknife crunch has become my favorite way to finish off a workout. I’ve been incorporating a medicine ball in with this because ya girl loves a bit of a challenge, but unweighted is still as great. It’s a much better alternative to the stupid sit up’s/crunches that everyone else is doing, and plus these are much nicer on your neck.

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