Nutrition Coach Tries Going Vegan In February

Hey. Hi. Hello!

I WENT VEGAN IN FEBRUARY TO TRY AND WIN BEYONCE TICKETS!!!!!! Just kidding. But I did try going Vegan in February to see what that’s like. This is my story.

In hindsight, I chose not a GREAT weekend to start because I was spending it down in Orlando celebrating my friend’s birthday. Yes, I’m always in Orlando get over it. I also realized in the cab on the way to the airport that I had already failed the experiment because my vitamins have a fish oil pill in them which is 100% NOT Vegan. Oh well, that’s all part of the process. Also, my friend took my ass to Red Lobster this day too, and you can’t NOT have their biscuits, but we’re just gonna skip over that.

02/07/2019 – Today I ate a vegan burger. It was yummy. BUT THE BUN WAS NOT VEGAN. Did I know most bread was made with eggs? Apparently not. That was an accidental boo boo on my part and we’re just going to overlook it. Otherwise, we’re going strong.

02/09/2019 – I went out with some friends tonight (SOME NYC FRIENDS, surprise I have those!). We ordered pizza from Rubirosa, which unsurprisingly has approx 0 vegan options. I wanted to make my own pizza, but pizza dough has egg in it and I was NOT going to make my own. Everyone tried to get me to eat a slice of amazing looking pizza, but I stayed strong, I did it for the blog.

02/14/2019 – Today officially marks 2 weeks being a full-fledged vegan.  I am down a whole pound. ONE WHOLE POUND. Do I feel any different? I mean yeah kinda, but also not really because there is a burger-sized hole in my heart. I also caved and ate the kit kats I was hiding. There’s skim milk in those bad boys, but it’s Valentine’s Day and I needed to eat some feels, ya know?

02/19/2019 – I did it. I finally ordered from two different restaurants on Seamless because there is no place that sells both vegan pizza and vegan desserts. Did I need to have dessert? No, but I worked 12 hours yesterday so I’m in a treat myself mood. Thank veganism for allowing me to have this experience.

02/22/2019 – Today, during a product knowledge seminar at work, we had Dos Toro’s catering, but I didn’t eat anything because really all I wanted was just chicken and sour cream. This prompted a coworker to ask why chicken wasn’t vegan. It was this moment that really solidified that I work with a bunch of idiots. I swear if one more person in this city asks me why chicken or fish isn’t vegan I’m moving.

02/24/2019 – In preparation for another no-carb cleanse, I tried my fifth variety of vegan mac and cheese today. We should just rename this as the mac and cheese challenge because that’s literally all I’ve eaten this month. I really need a detox after this month. If there’s a vegan out there who isn’t 95% carbs please let me know how you do it because this is hard.

03/01/2019 – We did it. We made it. There was a lot of ups, a lot of downs, and a lot of salads consumed. I didn’t lose any weight, not that I was expecting to with all the mac and cheese I consumed, but some people did so you never know. I’m sure the big question now is am I going to continue? Unsure, but probably not as strictly as I did this past month.

I love protein of all kinds, and not being able to eat it this past month was difficult. I can appreciate the sacrifices that people who are vegan make because it’s really hard to be able to just go out to a normal restaurant without having to bombard the waiter with a million questions about ingredients in dishes you wouldn’t even think contained animal products.

With all my food allergies and everything I’m pretty much going to stick to a vegan diet, except I’ll sprinkle in some meat and seafood here and there when my inner caveman just can’t contain itself. It was an interesting challenge to undertake, and definitely a lot easier than the stupid keto diet.

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