Best At-Home and Hotel Workouts

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Now I don’t know about y’all, but sometimes I’m just TOO LAZY to head to a gym. Or, in a more specific to me situation, sometimes my gym isn’t open at a time that fits my schedule, but I still want to try and be a productive member of the fitness community. So, what’s a girl to do?

I’m glad you asked! There are about 1001 different exercises you can do in the comfort and safety of your home/hotel/wherever you’re sleeping. But, while it’s easy to hammer out a few squats and some push-ups and call it a “workout,” the real key to a home workout that could rival the gym is in sets and time.

The secret formula is pick some exercises (4-5 is usually good), and figure a high number of reps (I’d go somewhere in the range of 12-20, depending on your comfort with each exercise). Then select a set range (again, 4-5 is usually good). Lastly, I say select a time you want to complete this in. You can hammer out 20 12 push-ups in 20 minutes no problem, but challenge yourself to really work up a sweat.

If all of that sounds too complex to figure out for you, fear not! I’ve laid out three different at-home workouts you can try out, depending on your skill level. Don’t be afraid to add in ankle weights or resistance bands if you’ve got them laying around.

For the Beginner

10 Forward Lunges each leg

12 Push Ups

10 Glute kickbacks each leg

12 Air Squat

Repeat 4 Times in under 15 minutes.

For the Advanced

15 Jumping Jacks

12 Step Back Lunge each side

12 Mountain Climber each side

15 Plank Jacks

Repeat 4 times in under 15 minutes.

For the Expert

20 Squat Jacks

12 Shoulder Taps each side

12 Step Back Lunge with Pulse

15 Spiderman Push-Ups

12 4:1 Mountain Climber – Push Up

Repeat 4 times in under 15 minutes

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