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In 2018 I decided I was going to go on a quest. It really started after Ulta decided to ban me from ordering online (I’m still not over that yet), which meant that I wasn’t going to be able to order my amazingly cheap and incredibly awesome shampoo and conditioner. Could I go to the ONE Ulta they have here in Manhattan and purchase them that way? Yes, but I’m too lazy.

Could I also order them off of Amazon? Again, yes, but it’s the whole principle of being banned from ordering at Ulta that really got to me. So I started off on a quest to find shampoo and conditioner to replace these longtime favorites.

Thus far I’ve tried Function of Beauty and Monat (you can read my reviews about them here and here if you’re interested). Now we’ve come to a new part of our journey.

Back when I was trying out Function of Beauty, I came across another personalized haircare company called Prose. The idea behind this company is similar to Function of Beauty in that you answer some questions on which the company can gain some information about you in order to create product that are customized to treat your personal hair care needs.

I really loved Function of Beauty, so wanted to try out Prose. This is my story.

Immediately, I already liked Prose a bit more because their survey questions are designed to uncover information about your hair, rather than in Function of Beauty’s survey where it feels more like you’re telling them what you want. As someone who knows literally nothing about hair other than that I have it, the Prose survey felt a lot less stressful to get it right.

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They ask you questions about your diet, workout routine, stress levels, and current location to get a full picture of your lifestyle because that can definitely impact what your hair looks like. Looking back on it now it does seem a little creepy, but I’m willing to look past that for hair.

At the end of the survey, they give you a breakdown of your personalized results, along with the ingredients they are including in your products and what those ingredients are designed to help. I love the transparency here, especially after my Monat experience, because I think it’s always important for consumers to have a clear understanding of what they’re putting in and on their bodies.

After taking the survey, they email you another copy of your diagnostic accompanied by instructions for using whatever products you purchased, and the ingredients in each product. Unlike Function of Beauty, which only gives you shampoo and conditioner, Prose gives you the option to purchase an additional pre-shampoo mask.

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I purchased the shampoo, conditioner, and the mask, which combined came out to $98.60. That’s definitely pricier than Function of Beauty, especially considering Prose gives only 8oz per product, whereas Function of Beauty I purchased 16oz of product. Nonetheless, I was excited to start using these products.

After about two weeks, my Prose haircare showed up at my door in a cute little box ready to be opened and used. The products came with pumps, which is nice and a lot easier to use than just pouring the product into your hand. Although I hate to be wasteful, I was ready to get Monat out of my life, so I threw those bottles away and popped Prose on the shelf instead.

The first time I used it I forgot to read the instructions on how to use because I figured I knew what to do. I was wrong. I applied the products in the right order, but used the pre-shampoo mask all over my head instead of just at the roots. While my hair felt fine the first day, it felt weighed down the next morning. I didn’t have time to re-wash it though because I was off to the airport for Florida.

After about five full weeks of using this line of products, I’m less than happy about it. My hair has never once felt amazingly clean. In fact, my ends feel more dead after using these products than they ever had before.

My hair seems uncontrollable, even with copious amounts of argan oil. But arguably the worst part is the fact that I now have dandruff. I’ve never ONCE suffered from an itchy scalp or dandruff, not even in the winter, but now here we are. It’s a side effect I didn’t even picture happening because in their survey they literally ASK you about your scalp.

My hair doesn’t feel great and I can’t pinpoint why. I know that it’s supposed to take seven washes before your new shampoo and conditioner have fully washed out your previous products, but I’ve done way more than that and my hair feels like it’s getting worse.

It’s oilier than ever, my scalp is constantly itchy, and my hair feels like it’s decaying. It’s not a pleasant experience to have and frankly, I expected better from this company. I can’t recommend it and that makes me sad because I had such high hopes.

Now I’m off on my next quest to repair whatever damage I just spent the last few months doing to my hair. Wish me luck.

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