Nutrition Coach Tries the JLO 10 Day Diet

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A few weeks back I binged the whole third season of Queer Eye and told myself I was done with diets because I was perfect the way I was. Then, I looked in the mirror one morning and didn’t like how my legs looked, so then I begged the Queer Eye guys to forgive me as I embarked on the JLO 10 Day Diet. Being a woman is tough.

If you haven’t heard, the JLO 10 Day Challenge/Diet really blew up at the beginning of March when the queen herself said she was cutting out carbs and sugars for 10 days.

Now, you may be saying two things to yourself. Either you’re thinking about how similar this sounds to the Keto diet, which I hated, or how 10 days doesn’t sound like that long of a time period. Foolishly, I too thought both of these things. I’m here to tell you I WAS WRONG, AND THIS WAS MISERABLE.

I have a very passionate relationship with carbs. It’s a well-known fact amongst my friends that I would literally eat Mac and Cheese for the rest of my life if I could. On top of that, I love sugar. My sweet tooth is pretty much unmatched. Basically, I am a trashcan of a human being, but I will not apologize for being who I am.

But, I also knew I needed to make some changes to my life if I wanted to be happy with myself. So, on March 18th, 2019 I embarked on my journey towards looking like JLO.

Unlike when I tried the Keto diet I wasn’t going to track my macros or really pay attention to net carbs. As a nutrition coach, and my time spent doing a lot of other crash diets, I had a pretty good understanding of the foods I enjoyed that would “qualify” for this challenge. My fridge was basically a mecca of chicken breasts and greek yogurt, while my pantry was stocked with all sorts of jerkey’s and seaweed.

I decided I was going to make meal prepping for this as basic as possible, so I researched one pan meals with chicken. Basically my lunch was a whole ass chicken breast accompanied by a few pieces of broccoli for 10 days straight. Was it ideal? No, but was it worth it? Also no.

On the plus side, I never once felt overly starving or any sugar cravings or really any of the other side effects I experienced during the Keto diet. However, my workouts were awful. It was like the second I stepped into the gym and even thought about what I was going to do my body decided to just give up.

While it sucked as an experience, it put somethings into perspective for me. Yes, I may hate the way my thighs look at the moment, but at least before this diet, I was able to do my HIIT workouts with no problem. I realized I’d much rather be a little chunkier in certain places but be able to run sprints than skinny and feel like I’m going to die, ya feel?

After 10 days I may not look like JLO, but do I feel as confident as JLO. Still no, but we’re getting there! And that’s all that matters at the end of this right? I’m just trying to make the Queer Eye guys proud, and that’s how I’ll be living my life from now on.

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